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Mental well-being depends, among other things, on the extent to which adequate contacts to include others and engage in social interactions own needs and desires to express and realize.

By social competence we understand the availability of behavior in order to be appropriate Compromises between your own requirements and social adaptation to find. Missing this Skills, social competence problems, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise or establishing contact with others can be made significantly more difficult. In order to build up or deepen such skills, a social skills training especially on.


The group should give you the opportunity to self confident to be in social situations. Concrete behaviors can be relearned or adapted to re-engage in social interactions effective and safe to experience.

The training is based on learning objectives such as "Self-assured action" and "Feeling of self-confidence" in the individual area.

So that you can soon experience success in social situations is yours Cooperation of particular importance in group lessons. You will notice that the To practice reduce fears. You will be more confident in your demeanor and successes in social interactions can arise quickly.


  • Attendees: People with social fears, people with insecurity, people who want to improve their social skills
  • aims: Increasing self-esteem, increasing self-confidence, building social skills, building new behaviors in dealing with difficult social situations, reducing social fears and avoidance behavior
  • Content: Providing information (psychoeducation), concrete exercises on socially difficult situations (e.g. saying no, establishing contact, enforcing the law), therapist and self-directed exercises outside of the practice (exposure in vivo, e.g. in the city), learning on a model and exchanging ideas with other group members
  • structure: Group size: max. 15 participants Duration: eight appointments (100 minutes each) at weekly intervals
  • Events: Due to Corona, our groups have to be canceled until further notice!
  • management: Mag. Michaela Bradtke
  • costs: 322 euros. A partial or full reimbursement by the insurance is possible.
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  • Registration: You can reach our practice on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. by calling 089 - 5390 6385-0 or by email at [email protected]