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Breed description

The York Chocolate's fur is its special highlight: It is medium-length, has a dreamlike, chocolate brown color and feels so silky smooth like down! also shines and shimmers it is very enchanting! Their fur does not tend to become matted, which is why maintenance is pleasantly simple and straightforward.

Character and behavior

The York Chocolate, called “York” for short, is a friendly cat with a lot of energy, intelligence and a large portion of curiosity. She is good at dealing with herself, but prefers to be in company. So, of course, in the company of caressing hands! she is a passionate lap cat and loves to pamper her fluffy fur with cuddles. Although she does not meow too often, she is not silent: she likes to purr and purrs loudly.

Attitude and care

Of Toys that move, she is absolutely fascinated. But she prefers to play with her people instead of with anything. By the way, she is one of the few cats who have a special passion for water.

York Chocolate gets on well with everyone, including other animals. Especially with mice. Ok, just kidding! you just likes to hunt and therefore one should not be surprised to find one or the other "present" when the York was out and about. With strangers, she sometimes needs a certain amount of time to lose her shyness.


  • particularly soft fur
  • easy grooming
  • friendly, good-natured
  • balanced
  • independently


York Chocolate - Photo: Ciprian Gherghias / Shutterstock


The York Chocolate is a big, strong cat. Their medium-length fur is chocolate or lavender in color. She has small tufts of fur on her ears and paws. The almond-shaped eyes are green, gold or hazelnut-colored.


The York Chocolate goes back to long-haired house or farm cats that were specially bred for their color. It was first known in 1983. The cat breed is still quite new and since the desired breeding traits have not all been fully established, it is not yet an official breed. Only the World Cat Federation (WCF) currently recognizes them.

Already knew?

The York Chocolate is named after New York State (USA), where it became famous in 1983.

Similar breeds of cats

York Chocolate - Photo: Ciprian Gherghias / Shutterstock