Recommend Trello or MeisterTask

Trello vs Meistertask - a comparison of the two tools from a business perspective

To make the article boring right from the start: There are two winners. Since I am committed to implementing the paperless office, I cannot give preference to any of the tools or give reasons for not using them, as both are paperless. So thumbs up for both and those who use it.
Personally, however, I find that you are between Trelloand Master taskbut already finds some differences. That's why I would like to work out the things that are important to me at this point and introduce them to you so that you can get a deeper impression of the tools. And very important: there is really no winner for me! For me there are only personal reasons that make one tool more suitable for my own requirements (or exclude it).

What are Trello and Meistertask anyway?

Anyone who indulges in the fun and looks at both applications will notice at first glance that they look "somehow similar". Depending on your personal taste, you can be of the opinion that Master task employs a graphic designer more and may have a small advantage here. For me, however, the look only plays a subordinate role. I want to be able to work fluently and efficiently - that is my requirement.

Presumably, both tools can be found under the heading "Project and task management" sum up. As a user, you can assign a function to various columns and collect ideas there, for example. For example, I have a column in which I write article ideas for my blog posts. It's just the pure idea that comes to me sometime and somehow. In the next column, the idea would have become a concrete headline, which in turn is terminated in the next column with a publication date. And so on. De facto, you as the user create a map at the beginning, which you then constantly add information to and slide back and forth between the columns.

With Trello and Master task So you can excellently determine process flows and monitor individual projects in their status. This of course immensely promotes the quick grasp of one or more statuses when you as a user take a look at your board.

Working with multiple boards for the areas

Our challenge "Trello vs Meistertask“Goes into the next round, but that too will remain without the final precipitation. Because here too the tool is just as good as the user would like it to be. For example, I'm organized in such a way that I have a separate board for each department or area. In other words, my podcast has a board, my blog articles have one and otherwise I would also have one or the other board in the B2B area.

The great advantage of both tools is that by scheduling the individual cards in a superordinate view, you can quickly get an overview. Things that have gone beyond the deadline are highlighted in color and you can otherwise see what is due next from all boards.


Likewise, you can share the boards with other participants. Teamwork on such a board is very easy and self-explanatory. As long as the other user is also working with Trello or Meistertask, you can simply add them to their email address. I can then use the direct link to send a card to another team member for processing. They can do the task and send the card back to me for review or further use. Since the card is then moved further in the status column, it is very easy to see where the process is currently.

Who will win the duel Trello vs Meistertask now

There are great comparisons of the two tools with each other and also against third and fourth alternatives. I'm not a big fan of comparing facts, however. What the hell should I do with a washing machine that has 27 programs if I only ever wash towels at 90 degrees? Is the added value on paper really an added value for me? With 27 different programs, I don't see any if I only use the same wash cycle. There would be added value if one of the washing machines had a storage function for the detergent and fabric softener, which it would take care of and order.

In this respect, it is particularly important: What do you want to do with it anyway? Why do you need a project management tool or task management? In fact, Meistertask only has 12-15 connection options to other applications; Trello, however, over 100. Is Trello better now? Yes, on paper, but who do you think will win if the two applications you work with are not connected?

The recommendation for entrepreneurs based in Germany

For me there is a huge and unbeatable argument in the comparison: data protection after the BDSG. It is listed here that the customer data that you, as an entrepreneur, manage must be located on a server located in an access area. Trello is the development of a Canadian company with a server location in the USA. If the going gets tough, you won't get your data. So you are sufficient with the use of Trello at this point not the German or European data protection.

The servers of Master task however, are in Germany and Austria. This in turn corresponds to European data protection and if you work with it, you can access your data at any time. In this respect, at first it was completely indifferent to what the programs could do. My requirement was that I can use the tool of my choice in such a way that I can comply with data protection. Unfortunately, parting Trello at the point for me as an entrepreneur. The image below is from our demo board for HR recruitment.

For private use, on the other hand, it does not play a particularly important role. Everyone here should be aware of what others can do with their data. You have to represent and take responsibility can. But here again the question is what your requirement is. If you want to deal with it in a closed system, offers you Trello certainly a good selection with the many connections. In this respect, you shouldn't look at what programs, applications or material things can do. Much more important is whether they meet your requirements!

In this screenshot you can see the organization of a new podcast, where we have thrown our ideas and thoughts together on a board. None of this is critical information and that's why we quickly decided on Trello.

If you still have the time and inclination, you are cordially invited Paperless Podcast episode 55 to load. There I talked about Meistertask and Trello.

New alternative from Germany -

The Zenkit project management tool can also be included as a further German alternative. The startup has its server located in Frankfurt and is therefore also compliant with the GDPR and therefore offers entrepreneurs the necessary legal basis.

Zenkit can be used flexibly (data can be prepared as a Kanban board, calendar, table or to-do list) and has a user-friendly interface. The tool can also be used offline. So you can continue working on your tasks from anywhere.

As you can see, Zenkit is definitely worth a look for both professional and private use. "