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Saying goodbye: 75 dignified farewell sayings for every occasion

Our selected farewell sayings help you to put your farewell thoughts into words and to cope with your grief. We have put together and categorized all kinds of farewell sayings for you. You can either give your colleague a dignified retirement goodbye, deal with a separation or take part in a serious loss.

Saying goodbye makes you affected

There are many reasons to or have to say goodbye. Our feelings are sometimes stronger and sometimes less affected, depending on how close the person was to us and how long the farewell lasts. The different forms of saying goodbye are different for everyone. However, most people find it difficult to put the parting thoughts into words. Farewell sayings can help here. We have selected different sayings for you to say goodbye, which can be used in all kinds of farewell situations.

Saying goodbye to a loved one

Saying goodbye to a loved one

Be it a separation from your partner or if a loved one has passed away, saying goodbye to a loved one evokes a wistful feeling in us that is difficult to describe. These farewells are among the most emotionally disturbing moments in life. Unfortunately, because of this, feelings are often suppressed and important emotions are not let out.

Writing down the emotions is a great way to manage grief. This way you can process the goodbye better and don't regret afterwards that you didn't say anything. If you write down your parting thoughts, you can choose how you want to express your feelings. You don't risk an emotional outburst and you have control over your expressions. Perhaps you will already find some farewell sayings in our selection that describe your feelings well or you can write your own saying and use our sayings merely as a source of inspiration.

Saying goodbye to a colleague or acquaintance

Even the people we don't really know that well determine our everyday routine and we miss them when they are suddenly no longer there. We are used to having contact with them from time to time and even if we don't do much with them privately, we still like them very much. We're talking about work colleagues and acquaintances. Be it moving or retiring, farewells always deserve a few words of farewell that show appreciation. Saying goodbye to colleagues in particular is often an occasion for a farewell card and a few nice words. That's why we have put together farewell sayings for you to say goodbye to colleagues.

75 farewell sayings for every occasion

Farewell sayings are suitable for farewell or memorial cards, for gift tags on a farewell present, for a very last love letter, for framing, for WhatsApp or for reciting in a farewell speech. Below you will find farewell sayings for expressing condolences, sayings to overcome the pain of separation, sayings for your partner or friends who are going abroad, sayings to say goodbye to your work colleagues and sayings for a fresh start.

Farewell sayings after a loss

Farewell sayings after a loss

The following farewell sayings are suitable for expressing condolences, for an obituary notice or for a few nice words at a funeral. Some of these sayings address the deceased directly, some describe specific feelings that the loss triggered and some are wisdom about life and death. All of these sayings are reverent and try to cherish the life of the deceased instead of despairing of his death. Wisdoms are suitable for any kind of funeral card, even if you are not that close to the deceased. Emotional sayings are more for people with whom you have had a closer relationship.

  1. Paralyzed and still walking, blind and still standing. Deaf and still hearing, that is a person who grieves.
  2. When you think of me, remember the hour when you loved me the most.
  3. Death is not the end, not the impermanence
    death is only the turning point, the beginning of eternity.
  4. Since you are no longer there, I have found it difficult to breathe, I will not give up, but I know that it will take a very long time before I can laugh again, love again.
  5. The most beautiful monument that a person can get is in the hearts of others.
    (Albert Schweitzer)
  6. I would like to go back in time - not to avoid mistakes, but to hug someone who is no longer there today.
  7. Farewell ... this is the beginning of the memory.
  8. There is a time for everything in life, a time of joy, silence, sadness and a time of grateful remembrance.
  9. You were the best in my life - I have already imagined our life and planned everything with you, now that you have been snatched from me, much too early and so pointless, I no longer know how to go on.
  10. When you look at the sky at night, you will feel as if all the stars are laughing, because I live on one of them, because I laugh on one of them.
    (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  11. Few people are truly alive, and those who are never die. It does not matter that you are not here anymore. Nobody you really love is ever dead.
    (Ernest Hemingway)
  12. What we hide in the coffins is the earthly garment, what we love has remained, remains in eternity.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  13. The only important thing in life is the traces of love we leave behind when we go away.
    (Albert Schweitzer)
  14. You are no longer where you were, but you are everywhere we are.
    And there are always traces of your life, thoughts, images and moments. They will remind us of you, make us happy and sad and never let you forget.
  15. Do not speak sorrowfully of my departure, but close your eyes and you will see me among you, now and always.
    (Khalil Gibran)

Farewell sayings in the event of a breakup

Saying goodbye to a breakup

When you have separated from your partner, a new chapter in life begins for you. Leaving old habits and memories behind can be upsetting and tedious. Often there are pent-up emotions, which the following farewell sayings can help. They will help you to put your feelings into words and to process the breakup better. You'll also find some break-up sayings among them that you can use to end a relationship fairly. If you are not yet separated, you should never send the saying via WhatsApp and Co., but always take your courage and break up personally.

  1. Sometimes things break that were meant to last forever.
  2. It is sad when two who belong together separate. But it is even sadder when they stay together even though they no longer belong together.
  3. We have developed further over the past few years and unfortunately I have to realize that we no longer fit together. We're just too different.
  4. A mouth can laugh even though the heart is crying.
  5. Our fate is not what we experience, but how we perceive what we experience.
    (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)
  6. Our ideas about the future are just too different.
  7. Great suffering is often followed by great love.
  8. Sometimes you gain more from a breakup than you lose.
  9. You are one of the most important people in my life, but I only have friendly feelings for you.
  10. Why didn't we manage to hold on?
  11. Sometimes you have to let go of a loved one so that they can be happy, even if you break yourself because of it.
  12. Being alone is nice when you want to, but not when you have to.
  13. I love you but we have different ideas about life and I believe that these differences are fundamentally too different for us to be happy together for a long time.
  14. Silence is sometimes the loudest scream.
  15. If you are needed, you do your duty. If one is no longer needed, one withdraws.

Farewell sayings when the partner or friends go abroad

Farewell sayings when the partner or friends go abroad

Nowadays it is not uncommon for the partner or best friend to go abroad for some time. This can either be as part of a course of study or in the form of work and travel. It can also happen that someone in your circle of friends emigrates and you have to fear that you will never see him or her again.

Even if the goodbye is not forever, it is still a difficult time for you to go on living without a loved one and not be able to be with them. This is a reason to tell the person what they mean to you and how much you will miss them. Regular contact and appreciation through farewell sayings keep the contact going and help you to see the positive side of it all. Show your friend or partner with these selected farewell sayings that you support and love them.

Tip: Depending on where the person is going, you can also write the sayings in the respective national language. As a special farewell gift, a small box with notes containing a saying for every day abroad is suitable.

  1. So let's say goodbye like two stars
    separated from night by every excess,
    that is a closeness that is tested at a distance
    and recognizes himself by what is most distant.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  2. Saying goodbye also means looking forward to new encounters.
  3. Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
  4. Saying goodbye always hurts, even if you've been looking forward to it for a long time.
    (Arthur Schnitzler)
  5. When saying goodbye to dearest people: One complains in tears and says:
    "You are going away now, how will it fare for me there?" Another: "You are leaving now, how will it fare for you there?"
    (Peter Lippert)
  6. A friend who is always by your side is somehow natural. It's only when he's suddenly no longer there that you realize how much he means to you.
  7. When you write to each other, you are connected like a rope.
    (Franz Kafka)
  8. Freedom is when everything you need fits in a backpack.
  9. Farewell isn't the worst thing in the world
    that we meet again, that counts!
  10. Farewell here and there,
    we don't see each other for a while.
    I miss you so much now
    all of this is really difficult for me.
  11. The biggest step is the one out the door.
  12. Those who are not afraid to say goodbye will be rewarded with adventure, experience and a rich life.
  13. Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed in the things you haven't done than in the things you did.
    So untie the knot, run out of the safe haven. Catch the trade winds with your sails. Explore. Dreams.
    (Mark Twain)
  14. The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of the people who have not looked at the world. I wish you every success in broadening your horizons and I look forward to seeing you again and listening to your stories.
  15. Where words are rare, they carry weight. I will miss you so much and I am proud of you for being so brave.

Farewell sayings to say goodbye to your colleagues

Retirement is a big event for everyone. From now on there will be a radical change in the daily routine and the whole everyday life will change. Many are looking forward to a well-deserved pension: a reason to congratulate them. His many years of work are valued with farewell sayings about his retirement. But the farewell to a colleague who is now starting or moving should also be honored. After all, he was part of the quorum and some will surely miss him very much.

  1. Live twice if you also enjoy the past.
    (Marcus Valerius Martial)
  2. When the movement of our days becomes calm, the secrets of life are revealed.
  3. From now on you have so much time to experience beautiful things. We are happy for you and wish you the best for your retirement.
  4. Looking up at the sky, you are now looking forward to your well-deserved retirement.
    We have had wonderful moments with you, we envy you a little and will miss you.
  5. When people part, they say: goodbye!
    (Ernst von Feuchtersleben)
  6. Saying goodbye to a long and important job is always more sad than pleasant.
    (Friedrich von Schiller)
  7. Saying goodbye always tempts you to say something that you would not otherwise have said.
    (Michel de Montaigne)
  8. We understand that it is time to break new ground. We will still miss you as a colleague, both your skills and your entertainment skills during the lunch break.
  9. Don't cry because it's over, but smile because it was nice.
  10. Youth is the time to learn wisdom.
    Age is the time to practice them.
    (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
  11. Anyone who acts joyfully and is happy about what has been done is happy.
  12. It was a good time
    even if you travel on now.
    Now you pass it on, your work knowledge.
    We will definitely miss you.
  13. When we say goodbye, our affection for the things that are dear to us grows a little warmer.
    (Michel de Montaigne)
  14. What it is and what it was only becomes clear to us when we say goodbye.
  15. One of the great things in life is that we have to learn to say goodbye. It is part of life, just like evolving. We wish you all the best for your future career.

Farewell sayings for a new beginning

Farewell sayings for a new beginning

A new beginning is also an occasion for saying goodbye. The one who starts over leaves loved ones behind mostly for a very specific reason. That could be a difficult fate, emigration, relocation, a new job, retraining, studying, training or separation from your partner. It can happen that you never see the person again and it is therefore particularly appropriate to appreciate what has been experienced so far and to support the step into a new life. The following sayings are suitable for any kind of fresh start. Most emphasize the positive side of parting and the new opportunities.

  1. When tears of goodbye taste of friendship and familiar eyes speak softly to you: we are there for each other, the new begins with a smile.
  2. Saying goodbye does not only mean losing good, but also leaving unpleasant behind.
  3. When there is so much hope, the farewell is a celebration.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  4. All changes, even the most longed-for ones, have their melancholy. Because what we leave behind is part of ourselves. We have to say goodbye to one life before we can enter another.
    (Anatole France)
  5. A new beginning is always a goodbye.
  6. With a laughing eye that wishes you all the best and a crying eye that mourns losing you, I say goodbye to you and hope that we can always keep in touch.
  7. Sometimes you have to leave to find yourself.
  8. When angels travel on, heaven weeps.
  9. Look at things from a different side than you have seen before, because that means starting a new life.
    (Marc Aurel)
  10. The beginning is not in the head, but in the heart.
    (Maxim Gorki)
  11. It is not the world that goes down, but the world that turns.
  12. Farewells are gates to new worlds
    (Albert Einstein)
  13. Memory is a paradise from which one cannot be driven.
  14. Life is an eternal farewell. But those who can enjoy their memories live twice.
    (Marcus Valerius Martial)
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