How exactly will Morgoth escape the void?


Kúma (Quenya: Empty) Ea was placed here, but was not part of it. It was nothing, or that too Eternal darkness, the Old darkness, the outer void (as opposed to the Timeless Halls and the Time of Eas), which was outside the surrounding outer sea, outside the layers of air, and was free from Ilúvatar's will.

Melkor wandered here often and for a long time, to find the Inextinguishable Flame, the spiritual creative power of Ilúvatar by which the Ainur and Ea were created; but in vain. Here in the void he developed his own thoughts, alien to the other Valar and spiritual brothers, and demanded to call into being things over which he could command and rule.

At the end of the First Age, his defeat came in the Great battle (War of Wrath) and he was thrown into the void through the gates of the night, an opening in the walls of the night that separated Arda from Kúma. He could not return to Arda and thus had to remain in the void.

Other names are in The Lord of the Rings:

  • The abyss
  • Timeless emptiness


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