What are traditional Swedish given names

Swedish first names: the 100 most beautiful Nordic names for boys & girls

From 'Pippi Longstocking' to 'Die Kinder von Bullerb├╝': We devoured Astrid Lindgren's books and films. And we fell in love not only with the funny stories, but also with the names. So it's no wonder that Swedish first names likeLet orBy are pretty trendy.

We have compiled 100 typical Swedish first names for all Sweden fans - 50 each for boys and girls. Some likeSigge or Linnea sound a little strange, but they certainly have their charm. Others likeM.aditaMagnus orBy have been first name classics for years - thanks to the Astrid Lindgren stories.

By the way: Traditional Swedish first names are widely used in Sweden. But there are also in the top 10 of the most popular namesLukeOscar andAlexander with the guys, as wellElla andJulia with the girls. Names that are also very popular with us and that are not typically Swedish names.

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