Who inherited Steve Jobs' estate

Laurene Powell Jobs (53) | That's what she did to that
Apple founder's legacy

As a student, she sat in the front row when Apple founder Steve Jobs († 56) gave a lecture at the elite Stanford University in 1989.

Today Laurene Powell Jobs (53) is the fourth richest woman in the world and one of the 50 most powerful women in US philanthropy. When Apple founder Steve Jobs died of cancer in 2011, the tech genius bequeathed his fortune to her and their children, Reed, Erin and Eve. These include 5.5 million Apple shares and 7.3 percent in the entertainment giant Walt Disney - together worth almost 13 billion euros today.

So many billions bring responsibility. The widow relies on charitable projects. In September she invested $ 100 million in the "XQ - The Super School Project". It aims to reform the educational process - especially through better curricula in high school.

“There is a huge gap between what students expect and what is offered,” says the daughter of a teacher. 700 teams registered. 10 schools are now receiving $ 10 million each from Powell Jobs, including one for homeless children and one for anti-authoritarian education in a gang neighborhood of Houston.

Powell Jobs: "Everything we've developed over the past 30 years is now coming into play."

Nevertheless, the American is not neglected in her private life:

► Powell Jobs is building a family dream home with yoga studio and two swimming pools in California.

► She bought a villa with 12 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms in Malibu for 35 million euros.

► She owns two Gulfstream private jets valued at 80 million euros.

► And a yacht by French designer Philippe Starck (114.3 million euros) that her husband had ordered.


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