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What are you going to do, Berlin?

Nature lover: in or amateur athlete: in? Adventurer: in or city explorer: in? - Berlin and Brandenburg have a lot to discover that are worth seeing. With the S-Bahn Berlin you can easily get to the most interesting places in the capital region without being stuck in traffic jams. With our tips and goals, we also show die-hard Berliners new perspectives on the metropolis.

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TMB / Uwe Seibt

Finally being outside again!

Discover special cultural locations in the Oder-Spree lake district with the picnic basket

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New app: Brandenburg in your pocket

Your perfect companion for excursions, multi-day tours and events!

TMB / J. Müller

A ranger gives tips for excursions

An excursion into nature - a good idea especially in Corona times!

ZLB / Vincent Mosch

How the USA gave Berlin a library

Our "Read and Let Read" series invites you to the America Memorial Library.

André Groth

The podcast from the Ringbahn

The journalist Ann-Kathrin Hipp interviews people in the Ringbahn. This time she will be interviewed herself - by us!

André Groth

Read and let them read

What good is the best book if there is not enough space to read? We present the most beautiful places to browse and linger.


Light show in the sky

Marvel at the beauty of the night sky - either via webcam or in the URANIA Planetarium Potsdam.

Peter Bauchwitz

The park railway starts its 65th season

Short tours are again possible in the Wuhlheide.

Herbert Schulze / DanielHorn

10 percent discount when purchasing a voucher

Until April 5th: Berliner Kriminal Theater and Yorck Kinogruppe offer discounts.

Podcasts | Explore something new

Talkative train journeys

New podcast from DB MOBIL: “On the way with ...” well-known personalities on the train.

Berlinische Galerie / Daniel Müller

Culture despite (t) lockdown

Theater in the living room, museum on the couch: Stroll with us through the digital offers of Berlin's cultural institutions.

New discovery | Podcasts

Our new podcast episode is online!

Shortly before its demolition, the Palace of the Republic became the site of spectacular art events. What happened then.

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Full earwig potential!

You liked "Das Netz"? The song for our web series is now available on the radio and on all popular streaming services.


Saddle up for the climate!

The climate protection campaign STADTRADELN promotes switching to bicycles.

New discovery | Podcasts

Stories make a stop

Get in please! We take you on a journey into the past in our podcast.

S-Bahn Berlin
S-Bahn World | Explore something new

S-Bahn feeling at home

Do you miss your after-work trip with the Berlin S-Bahn? Then get on the Ringbahn for home!

Katrin Sauerwein / EyeEm

10 extraordinary sports in Berlin

We present 10 unusual activities that trendsetters are using to stir up the capital

Frank Herrmann
New discovery | Berlin Insights

4 blocks: You have to know these locations

Get off the sofa and head to the locations of your favorite series. Immerse yourself in the world of the Hamadys!

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The best sports bars in Berlin

Whether football, rugby or football - here are tips for the next public viewing.

Caspar Benson

Hertha and Union fans must know these locations

Whether celebrating a goal together in the offside trap or memories of a football legend at Gesundbrunnen station.

State Museums of Berlin / David von Becker

Enjoy art in peace

Visits to museums are possible again, taking precautionary measures.

Käthe Kollwitz Museum Berlin, private collection, Switzerland

"Berlin is a city of opportunities"

Interview with the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller.

Yorck Kinogruppe / Daniel Horn

Enjoy culture online

Due to Corona, cinemas, theaters and concert halls are currently closed. But culture continues on the Internet.

Mainworks / cultural projects Berlin

When the Second World War ended

A virtual exhibition invites you to remember May 8, 1945.


Out of the house - into pleasure

We provide tips for the upcoming winter holidays.

New discovery | Berlin Insights

Baklava in Berlin

5 sweet experiences

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New discovery | social commitment

The S-Bahn helps

Our map shows social projects and charitable institutions in the vicinity of the S-Bahn.

Excursion tips | vehicles

Romano takes you with him ...

... to the refurbished 481 series and show you the latest features!

Credit: Julie G Woodhouse / Alamy Stock Photo

Fit in Berlin: the most beautiful running routes for outdoor sports fans

Forests, lakes, rivers: Berlin is perfect for everyone who likes outdoor sports instead of gym.

Defshop - https://www.def-shop.com/

Experience street art in Berlin!

In Berlin you can admire works by street artists for free!

Julie G. Woodhouse

Where the celebrities rest: Berlin cemeteries that you absolutely have to see

Tired of the hustle and bustle in the big city? Then off to the next cemetery. There you can also see the final resting places of many famous ...

Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Are you Balin?

“The Balinese came from Jeburt,” say the natives of the capital. “I’ll still be part of it”, the newcomers cheerfully counter. How much...

Sebastian Reuter

At the window of the S7: From Ostkreuz to Griebnitzsee

Tired of going through the capital's must-sees? Then at Ostkreuz into the S7 and keep your eyes open: when you look out of the window you will be offered a lot.

Sebastian Reuter

The Ringbahn Tour: Berlin in 60 minutes

Do you want to see Berlin and don't know where to start? How about a Ringbahn tour? In about an hour you have the whole city center ...

Claudia Meitert

5 stereotypes you will encounter on the S-Bahn

Boredom in public transport? We played “people watching” for you in the S-Bahn: Here are five types of passengers that you come across again and again.


20 minute break - three short walks through Berlin

Get off the couch on Sundays or take a short lap after work - We'll show you three short walks through Berlin.

Brian Dowling

"I thought of him for a long time"

Laura Gehlhaar is sitting in a wheelchair and has told us her very personal railway stories.

Paul Bradbury
Berlin Insights | Tickets

Adventurer, commuter or foodie - which ticket type are you?

No matter what you have in mind - we will get you to your destination with the right ticket.

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there is so much to explore

The “What are you up to?” Section on sbahn.berlin inspires great excursions

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Top 10 Berlin attractions

Explore the most important sights of our capital with the S-Bahn Berlin!

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The 7 most exciting escape rooms in Berlin

The new real game trend is called "Escape Room" and there are now quite a few of them in Berlin. Here we introduce you to 7 of the most exciting ones!

Breeding unicorns

Melissa and Elena bake Matcha cookies

In the video, Melissa and Elena show you step by step how to bake delicious Matcha biscuits and how to stack them into small biscuit trees.

S-Bahn Berlin

From Berghain to the office: How the S-Bahn saved my party night

Is Sunday the new Saturday? The impression could easily arise in Berlin. Here is celebrated like nowhere else in the world.

S-Bahn Berlin

After these 6 things you will become a real Berliner

Are you a real Berliner?

S-Bahn Berlin

Spotify & Co: Berlin entertainment pearls for commuters

Seven selected audio book tips for relaxed commuter entertainment.

Anna Luz de León

Christmas - Advent time with children with Berlin Mitte Mom

This is how Berlin Mitte Mom spends the Christmas season with children

Unbounded ambition

Back to Berlin with blogger unboundedambition

Return to the capital!

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Berlin cinema: These films have become classics

These are the Berlin cinema classics

State Museums in Berlin / Maximilian Meisse

6 fun facts about Berlin that you probably didn't know!

You probably didn't know that about Berlin!

Suse Bauer