What happened to the elections in Sri Lanka


This is the result of the parliamentary elections in Sri Lanka (source: German Wikipedia):

Party / electoral allianceAbbreviationvoicespercentSeats
Sit up
a total of
United National Front for Good GovernanceUNFGG5.098.91645,661393106
United People’s Freedom AllianceUPFA4.732.66442,38128395
Janatha Vimukthi PeramunaJVP543.9444,87246
Tamil National AllianceTNA515.9634,6221416
Sri Lanka Muslim CongressSLMC44.1930,40011
Eelam People’s Democratic PartyEPDP33.4810,30011
Democratic PartyDP28.5870,26011
All the rest together169.2271,52000
Total valid votes11.166.991100,029196225
Invalid votes517.123
(4,4 %)
Total votes11.684.098
(77,66 %)
Total eligible voters15.044.490
(100,0 %)

“The UNP or UNFGG won a total of 106 parliamentary seats (47.1%) and thus just missed an absolute majority. However, as before, the UNP can count on parliamentary support from the JVP and the SLMC. The TNA is also fundamentally positive about Prime Minister Wickremesinghe's reform agenda. In the UPFA / SLFP there is also a "reform group" that President Sirisena would like to support. "

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