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Breakfast, the mother of me-time

Much has been written and discussed about breakfast. It used to be called the most important meal of the day touted today by some nutritionists as negligible classified. The fact is: Fewer and fewer people eat breakfast, some because of the calorie balance, do not get anything down in the morning, some do not take the time. But the first meal of the day is not just about eating.

It's about starting the day with yourself or together. Without talking much. Or to eat.

When I eat, I eat

Zen Buddhist wisdom says that the art of mindfulness consists in experiencing the activities you are doing exclusively and in the here and now. Here is a story:

The Zen student asked his master: "What is the difference between a Zen master and a Zen student?" The Zen master replied: “If I go, then I go. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep.The student asked: "How so? I'll do that too. "

The Zen Master said: “When you go you think about food, and when you eat you think about sleep. When you're supposed to sleep, you think of all sorts of things. That is the difference."

Time for a breakfast experiment

How about an experiment? Take ten minutes every morning. Try to do just one thing: eat breakfast. Have a cup of tea or coffee, or eat honey bread. Or even better: a warm porridge. Without questions and without pressure for answers. Without a newspaper and without a cell phone. See it as a form of pleasure-oriented meditation.

The experiment is worth a try, especially now that the days are getting shorter again. Because autumn is the time for a new beginning. And so there is always a chance for that Trying out new customs and new rites.

Recipes for a good breakfast