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The difficult name choice: Finding a suitable domain

The availability and level of awareness of your website largely depend on the Internet address. With a short and catchy domain names help make it easier for visitors to remember the URL of your homepage and thus find it more quickly on the World Wide Web. Meaningful keywords in the domain name immediately provide information about the content of the domain and make it easier for Internet users to access your website by entering them directly in the browser line. The different domain endings with which you complete your Internet address also influence the recognition value of your domain and are therefore just as important as the name of the domain. STRATO offers you one large selection to domain extensions and enables you to search for the right domain name with the domain generator and then a convenient and quick ordering Your desired domain.

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What are top-level domains?

A complete web address consists of three partsseparated by dots. When entering in the browser window, one usually begins with the abbreviation www for "World Wide Web". The second-level domain forms the core of the address. At the address is so STRATO the second-level domain. Finally, you enter the domain ending or top-level domain (TLD for short) in the browser window, in the example that is .de.

A computer reads the web address in reverse order: For it, the top-level domain comes first, which signals where it can find the requested page. Compared to a postal address, it would be the equivalent of the location, while the second-level domain indicates the recipient's name. There are many different top-level domains that have specific meanings attached to them. The Type of website and the Nationality of the target group or the target market decide which top-level domain is best for your web project.

Generic domain extensions how .com, .net, .org or .info are useful if your website is aimed at an international audience. If your website is aimed at a national audience, then depending on the target market country-specific domain extensions like for example .de for Germany, .at for Austria and .ch a good choice for Switzerland. In the meantime, you can also choose from a growing number of new top-level domains - such as among others .Berlin, .Shop, .gay or .property.

Websites with common and thematically matching top-level domains shine more Seriousness and commitment from as domains with inappropriate endings. Domain endings matching the homepage also strengthen trust in the services offered on the website. So before you secure a domain, consider what purpose Your website should serve and which target group You want to address with it.


The German domain extension .de enjoys with many German internet users high level of trust and indicates that your website is geared towards the national market and is written in German. The domain extension is managed by DENIC eG (available at, a registered cooperative based in Frankfurt am Main.

Like all country-specific registration offices, DENIC undertakes to create all structural, technical and organizational prerequisites so that the German Internet community can smoothly use the domains that are still available at all times .de-Ending can register.

The operation of a global one also falls within the remit of DENIC Network of name serversthat the accessibility of everyone .de-Domains from anywhere in the world and around the clock. About .deDomains, the function of the domain name system (DNS) or the locations of the name servers are made available by the cooperative on There you will also find statistical data on the development of the registered .deDomains.


The top-level domain .com belongs to the most sought-after domain extensions worldwide. The abbreviation of .com-Domain refers to the English-language terms "commercial" or "commerce", which means something like "business" or "economy" or "trade". The use of top-level domains was simplified some time ago, so that practically everyone can now secure the domain extensions of their choice, provided that these have not yet been taken.

.comDomains are marketed by the US company Verisign. .com is well suited for the international websites of brands and companies. Use often international companies your domain with .com for the superordinate website and forward you to the respective sub-pages for the different target countries.


The .netDomain and the .comDomain belong to the first six top-level domainscreated on January 1, 1985. Originally the .net-TLD created to identify the web addresses of Internet service providers. The abbreviation net stands for the English "network". In the meantime, however, the domain is freely available to everyone and is no longer tied to its original purpose. Responsible for awarding a .netDomain is also the registry Verisign. The domain is available internationally.

Because of its long history, the domain .net today has a high recognition value and enjoys great confidence. Internet addresses with this ending are accordingly mostly perceived as very serious. Because of their original connection with the net world, many also associate them with one innovative character. Show your customers that you are open to the world of the internet and the zeitgeist and still stay on the serious side by buying a domain that is based on .net ends.


The .org-Domain is also one of the oldest and most widely used top-level domains. With a matching one .org-Domain start you on the web with your society, a newly founded Leisure group or with one Non-governmental organization by. Free software providers also like to use a domain name with the extension .orgto emphasize their non-commercial focus.


The top-level domain in particular is the primary address for the international Internet presence of companies .com popular. Since its introduction, however, numerous domains have already been included .com has been registered, so that many short and concise domains with this ending are usually already taken.

The alternative generic top-level domain was therefore .biz created - and with success: since 2001, several million domains have been registered with this new domain extension. The .bizDomain has thus become alternative to .com established, even if it is nowhere near as popular as coveted country-specific domains like .de and .eu.


The abbreviation info stands for the English "information". Even if the .info-Domain can be registered for web content of any kind, as it is particularly suitable for websites editorial or informative content at. This includes newspapers as well as travel portals, associations, self-help groups and magazines. But even large companies often use a domain with the ending .infoto offer their customers more exciting content there. A .info-Domain enjoys a total of one trustworthy reputation.

The domain is the first top-level domain to support .info it has been in use since 2003 German umlauts. This is now also possible for most other domains.


Internet offers that are specifically aimed at the Citizens in Switzerland mostly use the top-level domain .ch. In the course of the liberalization of the domain allocation, the earmarking of the top-level domains was largely lifted. This also means that today everyone has a .ch-Domain can secure, even if the residence or company headquarters is not in Switzerland.

The .chDomain is managed by the Swiss registration authority SWITCH, which is located under government supervision stands. Registration with SWITCH usually takes 48 hours. As with all top-level domains, STRATO will of course take care of the registration formalities for you.


One of the most popular new top-level domains with country code is now .eu. The domain extension was only introduced in 2005 and is for companies and private individuals with their registered office or place of residence in European Union Reserved. For countries that do not belong to the EU, for example Switzerland, it is possible to use a domain with .eu to be registered through a trustee.

In the meantime, companies and private individuals from Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland are also allowed to enter under the European Free Trade Agreement .eu-Register the domain. Many owners stick with theirs permanently .eu-Domain tight, especially if this one Company or brand names includes. State institutions also like to use the European domain - especially if they are active across the EU.


Since the loosening of the terms of use for top-level domains, distinctive country domains from very small countries in particular have become more popular generic domain endings such as .com or .net offered. The US company Verisign offers the domain .ccoriginally called Country code for the Cocos Islands was intended for several years as a alternative domain extension to .com at.

The abbreviation invites creative interpretations of meaning (for example "Christian Church", "Cycling Club" or "Creative Commons"), so it fits not just for commercial purposes. To a .cc-Domain registration does not require a residence on the Cocos Islands - it can be claimed by any natural or legal person worldwide.


Actually stands .co this country-specific top-level domain for Colombia. But it is also reminiscent of the usual abbreviations for “community” or “corporation”, and is therefore also available as alternative to the coveted top-level domain .com at.

Some combinations on the second level are reserved for Colombian citizens and state organs (for example and, but apart from these exceptions, there are one countless possibilities open. Most domains are still with .co registered in the USA, so many short and distinctive German-speaking domain names should still be available.


  • Choose a domain ending that suits your target group: For international companies or projects .com or .net on, for country-specific websites, top-level domains are like .de, .at or .ch usually better suited.
  • Often there are short and concise names with a .com-Domain extension already taken. As an alternative, for example .co or .cc at.
  • With domain endings like .biz, .info or .org Show potential visitors directly whether your website is a company, an information service or a (non-profit) organization.