What are SEO Consulting Services

SEO Consulting

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that is more permanent professional support requirement. We specialize in complex SEO processes to analyze, establish and accompany. Our SEO consulting services are highly flexible and are tailored to your requirements and objectives.

No matter what type of website you operate - whether it is a content management system, a shop system or an information site with a complex international connection: we accompany the conception and implementation of SEO measures for you, check the quality of the implementation by your in-house departments or external service providers and create individual reporting processes.

Our personal advice means that you are always up to date with the latest developments Search engine optimization and informed about all further strategic measures and can be sure that you have received the best possible advice. In the following you will find detailed information on our expertise and the proven, tried and tested strategic approach within the framework of our SEO Consulting Service.

Individual SEO Consulting

We would be happy to advise you in detail on all questions relating to search engine optimization. The advice covers all areas of search engine optimization - starting with the analysis of websites and page constructions, on-page optimization (optimization in the source code), off-page optimization (link building) to the design of websites and complete portfolios. Of course we will also help you with the Solving existing SEO problems and other contingencies.

Possible uses of our SEO consulting services

Our services adapt optimally to the individuality of our customers. We are extremely flexible in the design of our advisory services. In the following you will find some possible uses, which show excerpts how we can help you with which Framework can provide advice to:

  • Onpage SEO Consulting: the onpage optimization (Optimization in the source code of a website) is usually the greatest source of danger for a website, but offers the greatest potential for optimization in terms of time. Even if a website works flawlessly - and thus the executing programmers have done their job properly - there is an almost infinite number of potential SEO sticking points and sources of danger. If these are not optimized or only optimized to a limited extent, permanent damage can occur, which in turn cannot be easily repaired. We specialize in carrying out detailed analyzes of the on-page measures on projected and existing websites, reliably diagnosing optimization potential and recognizing sources of danger. Based on this, we develop individual solutions for internal or external implementation.
  • Offpage SEO Consulting: In contrast to on-page optimization, off-page optimization represents the canon of all factors that take place outside the website. In highly competitive areas, a top placement is not possible without off-page measures. Through a high quality and quantity of external links and further factors that manifest the importance of a website (such as the so-called "social signals“- i.e. the response in social networks) a website can generate top rankings under practically any search term in any industry. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of implementing such a link structure and implementing it in accordance with the guidelines of Google and Co.
  • Strategic SEO Consulting: we work consistently based on numbers and facts. Our know-how comes from the success of our own websites and has therefore been tried and tested for many years. (see “Expertise”) We don't learn on the back of our customers - our customers benefit from our many years of experience. The essence of many years of proactive strategic planning, implementation and consulting flows directly into our customers' projects. Our strategic SEO consulting is therefore not only suitable for websites and online shops that are planned or already online, we can also help you effectively in difficult cases such as previous incorrect advice, strategy errors and deficiencies in the execution of internal or external SEO measures. We specialize in strategies in every section of the life cycle of a website and can help you quickly and easily, get your website or shop back to an optimal position or ensure that your projects are optimally set up right from the start.
  • Project support: we accompany your projects. Whether it is a website, an online shop or large-scale projects with national or international structures: our experts accompany your website at every stage. Basically, the earlier we get involved, the better for the overall success. We accompany your processes right from the conception, develop effective strategies in advance and monitor their execution. During the implementation phase, we continuously compare the respective status for you and provide advice to your internal or external specialists with our know-how. After completion of the project, we implement continuous processes in the area of ​​on-page and off-page optimization and accompany their implementation.

We are also at your disposal for constellations that deviate from the above-mentioned purposes our SEO know-how to disposal. We specialize in solving particularly difficult problem cases and implementing successful strategies even under suboptimal conditions.

Our SEO Consulting is consistently based on a serious approach and a tried and tested canon of methods. We have always been committed to “clean”, rule-compliant optimization (so-called “white hat seo”). Below is a detailed description of our ethics.

“White hat seo” ethics

We have been operating very successfully in the German-speaking area since 2004. In the past few years we have been able to determine that many companies have fundamentally internalized the demand for “quick success”. Professional search engine optimization however, it is not a one-time thing, but an ongoing process. We therefore do not accept such inquiries per se.

We work with customer projects as if they were our own websites. We therefore consider it essential that search engine optimization is viewed as a holistic process. Our focus is therefore on an approach that also takes short-term goals into account, but in particular places medium and long-term goals in the foreground.

We work according to the guidelines of the search engines and see it as fundamentally important that our customers also share this strategy of solid growth in order to achieve not only short-term, but permanent success. Working together on this basis enables our customers and ultimately us to achieve solid growth.

SEO Consulting Prices

The prices of our SEO Consulting Services are based on the respective tasks and the goals of our customers. We offer packages with consulting services at a fixed price, but also flexibly bookable packages that are billed per hour or man-day. So that we can analyze together with you which consulting solution is optimal for you, we offer you an individual preliminary discussion.

As part of our - of course free - Initial consultation We will discuss all relevant factors with you and analyze the current status quo and the planned goals of your SEO activities together with you. Based on this, we can calculate the actual need for consulting services in advance. We will then make you a tailor-made offer.