Square butts are unattractive

[TEST] Which butt type are you?

There are 5 buttocks shapes. Every type of bottom needs specific training. Not every sport is the right one for every bum. Take the test and find out how you can get your dream bottom.

For some it is the best piece, for others the eternal problem area. If you want to make your butt your favorite body part, you need to know what type it belongs to.

Too thick, too flat or even Cellulite?

Many want a firm, firm and beautiful bottom.

We have therefore collected the best tips and tricks for a great bottom and show you the right mix in this article Exercise and diet for your buttocks shape.

You can find out in this post

What you should know in advance: No matter which, whether the buttocks are big, small, flat, thick, tight or slack, they all have one thing in common: the anatomy. Each butt is made up of three major muscle groups.

If you are interested in this topic, you should have a look at our post “Butt types anatomy: Understanding the structure of the rear part”. Here I explain everything to do with the muscles and what tasks each muscle group has.

And of course very important: Why you shouldn't just train the shaping Maximus muscle when you want a cracking bottom.

How to find out which butt type you are

Apple, pear or nectarine? This is not about a recipe for a fruit salad, but about the shape of your bottom!

Basically, a distinction is made between peach buttocks, apple buttocks, potato butts, pear butts and tomato butts.

This is what the different buttocks look like:


As you can probably guess, the peach bottom and apple bottom are among the most popular bottom shapes. Tomato, pear and potato bottoms have their typical problems.

Apple buttocks and pear buttocks are among the most popular buttocks shapes. Only 15% of all women have pear buttocks. Only 5% an apple butt.

What are the typical problems of each bottom shape

If you already have an apple, pear or peach buttocks, consider yourself lucky. In this case, you can ensure that you stay with it for a long time through a balanced lifestyle and sport.

The other butt types have certain weak points and depending on the shape of your butt, you will already know some of the problems.

But don't worry, there is a solution to every problem.

These are the perfect jeans for your butt!

It is the same with the different buttocks shapes: with the appropriate diet and the proper exercises you can achieve your goals for your buttocks shape!

tip: With our “stomach legs buttocks training plan” you will get a firm butt in just 4 weeks. We have packed numerous exercises and healthy recipes for you.

Problem 1: Big, not tight buttocks (tomato buttocks)

Characteristics of the Po-type tomato

The tomato butt is the most common type of butt. It's a bit thicker and not very tight.

Due to the sagging and softer structure, the tomato type - similar to the potato type - is quite prone to cellulite. This butt type also often suffers from sagging buttocks.

Sport for the tomato bottom

In this case, it is important to reduce the excess fat deposits. You should therefore try to strengthen your gluteal muscles and do additional calorie burning units during training.

Endurance sports cycling, running or swimming are not only good for the cardiovascular system, they also strengthen the connective tissue.

Most of all that swim acts like a massage for the tissue due to the water resistance. The muscles in the calves and thighs are also targeted when cycling and running.

We have dedicated a separate article to tomato butt. Here you come to: “Po Types Special: Sport for the tomato bottom”

Wow! This workout makes your tomato butt really tight!

Ideally, you should do one of these sports three times per week Exercise for at least an hour. You can round off your training program with simple strengthening exercises.

Try to bring as much exercise as possible into your everyday life. Always keep something in mind: Every step burns calories!

Exercises: If it rains or you are looking for a few strengthening exercises, we have put together the right exercises for you at home.

Diet for a large butt

Too big and fat doesn't mean you have to eat less to get rid of it. You don't have to cut the calories, you need to cut the Fat percentage in your diet.

You can do this by mainly eating foods with a lot of volume, but low in calories take to you. How about delicious, low-calorie stir-fries?

These include fruits, vegetables, lean dairy products, fish, legumes, whole grains and lean meat. It is also very important that you drink enough. Therefore, you should drink at least two to three liters of water a day.

Our tip for the butt type tomato

Since you want to get rid of your sagging bottom, you should use every opportunity during the day to do something about it. For example, take the Stairs instead the elevator!

Problem 2: Flat, wide butt type (pear butt)

Features of the pear pos

The pear bottom is very flat, narrower towards the top and slightly wider towards the bottom. 15 percent of all women belong to these butt types.

Sport for the broad bottom

This type of bottom can be “upgraded” by strengthening the gluteal muscles. The focus of your training should therefore be almost exclusively on Muscle building and strength training lie.

In this case, the exercises that we have already presented are ideal for you. This allows you to specifically build up muscles on the stomach, legs and buttocks.

Tip: Use resistance bands during the exercises.

Alternatively, for example, are also recommendedAerobics classes in a gym. But if you would like to do sports in the open air, you can e.g. hike walk.

Due to the many ascents and descents in the terrain, your buttocks get an intense and strengthening workout.

These 16 buttocks exercises will change your life!

Nutrition for the pear bottom

Your meals should definitely be made upprotein-rich as well as low-fat foods put together to ideally promote muscle building.

Above all, avoid sweets and foods and drinks that contain carbohydrates such as pasta, rice or soda.

In order to reach your goal of the cracking bottom as quickly as possible, you should rely on protein-rich foods, as these contain a lot of protein. These include e.g. fish, poultry and red meat.

If you are a vegetarian or just don't want to eat as much meat, you can also consume plant-based protein sources such as beans, peas or nuts. Homemade fitness shakes are also suitable, which replace dinner on training days.

Our tip for the butt type pear

The best muscle building exercise for this butt type are squats.

How you can finally get more buttocks muscles with 7 simple squat variations

Problem 3: "drooping" buttocks and cellulite (butt type potato)

Features of the potato pos

Unfortunately, the "hanging" bottom tends to cellulite and is the second most common bottom type in women at 30 percent. The cellulite usually settles at the transition between thigh and bottom.

Sport for the hanging bottom

In this case, you should go for a Combination of endurance training and optimal fat burning Value. Ideally, you should train about an hour of endurance two to three times a week and do two one-hour strength training sessions.

Here you should make sure that you adhere to the training times.

Most of all that Strength training should not take longer than two hours, otherwise you will be in the so-called Overtraining come and then a negative effect is achieved.

Your body just doesn't have time to recover. Muscles only grow when they can also recover.

With the Endurance training you burn the necessary calories and excess fat. In this case, too, cycling, running or swimming are the ideal sports.

In addition, strength training is suitable for the whole body in order to give the whole body a firmer appearance.

Exercises: You can find a few suitable strength exercises here and on YouTube.

Nutrition for the potato

The biggest enemy of "sagging" buttocks and cellulite is it water. Use this for yourself and drink at least 2 liters or more liters per day.

These 11 exercises will make cellulite go away!

You should definitely avoid caffeinated drinks such as cola, coffee or other energy drinks - these promote cellulite.

We especially recommend calorie-free drinks such as tea without sugar or water with lemon juice.

The right mix of meals is crucial. Make sure that around half of the foods you eat are vegetables and fruits. A quarter should consist of protein-rich foods such as dairy products, fish or meat.

The rest finally comes from carbohydrates. But rely on “good” carbohydrates such as whole grain products or rice. On the other hand, you should also avoid white flour. In addition, certain minerals such as magnesium or calcium in the form of bananas, oranges or legumes promote the firming of your skin.

Our tip for the butt type potato

Alternating cold and warm showers promotes blood circulation, tightens the connective tissue and makes the skin appear plumper and firmer.

You won't believe how easy mini bands can make your butt crunch!

Your way to the dream bottom

Now that you know what different bottom types there are and what you have to do in each situation, the way to your dream bottom is clear.

You will soon be able to notice the first differences through the additional sports and strength units and the adapted diet. We recommend yours Measure progress.

This allows you to work precisely towards your goal and it also boosts your motivation. For example, you should have your Measure abdominal, leg and hip circumference and compare again and again over time to track your development.

Alternatively, you can also document the course of the training with your mobile phone in the form of photos. After a certain time, you should also be able to determine visual differences.

Stay tuned!

As always, don't give up until you've reached your goal! Because only if you work on your buttocks regularly, you will be able to achieve the results you want.

And we will accompany you! You can subscribe to new exercises directly via our newsletter. I wish you success!