Which question did you have the longest

37 “Would you rather…” questions for couples that make you get closer to each other

One of the best dates I've had with my husband recently has been totally quarantine friendly. I had previously rediscovered a New York Times essay that went viral in 2015: To Fall In Love With Anyone, Do This. It was about a study in which a psychologist had succeeded in making two strangers fall in love “because of him” - by having them ask each other 36 special questions.
I found this list of questions; and while I was sitting on our roof with my unsuspecting husband and we were both busy on our cell phones, I asked him one question after another. “Would you like to be famous? For what? ”After his answer, I told him mine. "Do you secretly have any idea how you're going to die?" Of course, he quickly realized that I was up to something, but we continued - even after I had explained everything to him. "What's your worst memory?"
My husband and I met when we were 19, we got together when we were 20, we married when we were 31. One would think that there were hardly any secrets between us - and in fact some of his answers had long been known to me. I knew that, I always thought to myself, happy and also a bit complacent. Other answers, however, totally surprised me; we suddenly penetrated into completely new subject areas. “Is there anything that should never be joked about? If yes, what?"
At some point it got too cool on the roof and we retreated inside. By the time we got to the bottom of the list of questions - "Share a personal problem and ask your partner for advice on how he or she would deal with it" - I felt very close to my husband, and unexpectedly shy. Like I'm in love all over again. I felt: there were still things that we didn't know about each other. "That was great," he said, and I agreed.
What I'm getting at: Never underestimate the power of questions. These 36 questions are designed to help strangers fall in love with each other; however, they also worked in my decades-old relationship. Asking, listening, answering, comparing - it's like an aphrodisiac.
So if you and your partner have a free evening, already know every series and every film on Netflix and you'd rather make yourself comfortable with a good chat on the sofa, why not give it a try "Would you rather ...". Some questions are funny, some serious, some dirty - or something in between. I guarantee, however, that by the end of the game you will be a little closer to each other. And here are a few ideas to get you started!
Would you rather have oral sex forever ordo without grass?
Would you rather your supervisor or send nude pictures to your parents?
Would you rather sneeze every time you orgasm? or come with every sneeze?
Would you rather spit or to swallow?
Would you rather only have sex upstairs or be down?
Would you rather get your bum spanked? or spank your bum?
Would you rather be on your underwear forever or Do without socks?
Would you rather catch your parents having sex? or get caught having sex by your parents?
Would you rather have sweatpants forever (even for funerals and weddings!) or Wear evening attire?
Would you rather be too hot forever or to eat too sweet?
Would you rather understand every language in the world or can talk to animals?
Would you rather have moldy jam every day or never eat with me again?
Would you rather not shower for a week or not brushing your teeth for a week?
Would you rather be able to see your own future or anyone else's but not your own?
Would you rather burp butterflies or Glitter fart?
Would you rather go back in time to get to know me sooner or spend more time with me from now on?
Would you rather spend four hours every day or never hold my hand again?
Would you rather have flowers every week or get diamonds every two years?
Would you rather marry someone who has a boa constrictor in a rickety cage? or someone who hates dogs and would never allow you one?
Would you rather have a good morning or got a good night message?
Would you rather live stream all of our arguments on Instagram? or never use the internet again?
Would you rather marry someone who never puts the dishwasher in the way you like? or never marry
Would you rather change jobs every few years or keep the same for the rest of your life?
Would you rather be famous or rich?
Would you rather make a lot of money but have to donate everything above the minimum wage, or get an average salary that you can keep?
Would you rather earn a lot and have huge debts or earn less but have no debts?
Would you rather have a job that you love but that will bring you little money? or a job you hate but make a lot of money?
Would you rather just be in front of other people or can cry alone?
Would you rather lose your dearest memory or know that the happiest moment of your life is behind you?
Would you rather be 45 minutes early for each appointment or 45 minutes late?
Would you rather raise your child religiously, in a religion that is not yours, or extremely religious, but in your religion?
Would you rather just be a child or can only have seven children?
Would you rather have no feelings at all or feel everything extremely strongly?
Would you rather know how you're gonna die or know how i will die