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"Inception": Nolan's cult sci-fi film about manipulated dreams

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On July 30th, the British-North American filmmaker Christopher Nolan - known for blockbusters like "Batman Begins", "Interstellar", "Memento" and "Dunkirk" - turned 50 years old. For months, the corona crisis-ridden film industry has been waiting longingly for his new film "Tenet", the start of which has been postponed several times. The start date has finally been set in Germany: August 26th. And: Nolan's film distributor Warner Brothers is bringing "Inception", which started at the end of July 2010, to the screen as a revival in selected cinemas for the tenth anniversary.

In July 2010, "Inception" set new standards for science fiction cinema. The main role in it plays with Leonardo DiCaprio alias Dom Cobb as a master thief who rummages around in other people's dreams. He warns his customers: "There is one thing you should know about me - I specialize in a very special form of security: subconscious security." What customers don't know - Cobb is a master thief. He not only penetrates the dreams of his victims and can thus spy on information. He can even manipulate the dreams there and "implant" foreign experiences as his own. He calls this process inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays master thief who manipulates dreams

Specifically, he is now trying to penetrate the subconscious of the billionaire heir Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy). The idea is to be planted there to smash the father's company. He explains the process to his intern Ariadne (Ellen Page) as follows: "We create the world of the dream. We bring the test person into the dream. And they fill it with their secrets". She asked: "And you break in and steal?" Then Cobb admits, "Well, strictly speaking, it's not entirely legal." Cobb knows that penetrating other people's dreams and subconscious minds entails great risks, and that there are many dangers lurking there. He explains: "While you are dreaming, everything feels real. We only realize that something was strange when we wake up again." But: when exactly are you awake again?

Four Oscars for "Inception" by Nolan - for example for best camera

Hans Zimmer composed the Oscar-nominated pulsating soundtrack for the (night) dream scenario of interlocking levels of consciousness. Starring Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon Levit and Michael Caine, the thriller won numerous awards, including the Oscars for the best visual effects, best camera and best sound mixing. Nolan guides his astonished audience through a narrative labyrinth steeped in philosophy, which repeatedly confuses his audience and offers a lot of action. So the cityscape of Paris folds up on the giant canvas - the traffic still flows on.


Science fiction
Year of production:
2010/2020 (resumption)
Production country:
Additional info:
with LeonardoDiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Ken Wtanabe, Michael Caine, Ellen Page
Christopher Nolan
148 minutes
Theatrical release:
15th of August

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