What is Unity3D

Pros and cons of developing game apps with Unity 3D

This is not our first article on game apps, nor is it Unity 3D. We recently published an extensive article on Unity game development and a comparison of the tool with Cocos2D. But now we are going to show you the disadvantages of Unity 3D, which exist despite the great possibilities of the tool. Here we report on how the best experts in the industry experience and rate the prominent program.

We interviewed two respected experts for our blog: Iván Garcia Subero, coordinator of TRINIT, Zaragoza's computer association and game developer, and Aitor Román Ibáñez, developer for Androtiyas, a web design and app development company from Zaragoza. The two app programmers have worked together many times and developed Android games like Dragon Pet. We interviewed them for you and asked them about their assessment of Unity 3D.

As experts in the gaming industry with great knowledge of this tool, they stated that the biggest beneficiary of Unity 3D is Android. Android is the market leader for mobile games and was able to further consolidate its position with the introduction of Unity 3D. Unity 3D fits in well with the requirements of Google's OS.

Aitor Román: “We can say that Unity 3D has taken more time to implement the requirements of the Android OS. This approach is reflected in the performance ”. That said, the power of Google is also evident in the development of games using Unity 3D.

Limits in developing game apps with Unity 3D

Like most tools, Unity 3D's performance has its limits and there are also some drawbacks to using the tool. Iván Garcia helps us to name a few.

The most obvious difficulty is that the program leaves the development of a game from the ground up to the user. “As a multi-purpose engine, there is nothing (Unity 3D, author's note) for you. Some people expect game making apps to be more drag and drop, but it is not at all. In fact, I think that's a good tool Not works, ”explains Iván Garcia. In Unity 3D you have to create the basics of the game yourself. That is not easy, but on the other hand it gives you enormous freedom in development.

In terms of visual quality, Unity 3D isn't quite as strong as UDK, for example. However, according to Iván Garcia, this is not necessarily a major disadvantage if the application is to become a less complex game for smartphones. For smaller projects, Unity 3D is a very good alternative.

At the game engine level, NVIDIA PhysX is used, which offers fewer functions than other tools such as UDK or CryEngine do. The Unity 5 PhysX3.3 update is expected to improve performance and add more features.

The expensive licenses can be a problem for freelance developers or small development teams. The most expensive version mainly offers graphical upgrades. However, they are only worthwhile for medium-sized or large teams and for very ambitious projects. “It also depends on the developer himself whether he can use these resources,” adds developer Aitor Román.

With regard to the development of game apps with Unity, especially for smartphones, we find the program very suitable. You don't even have to buy additional licenses. Unity allows, for example in Android and iOS, the most popular platforms, to publish games with the freeware.


In summary, one can say that Unity 3D is a valuable tool for beginners, but also for other users who do not have large resources to pay experts for game app development. The group of freelance developers and small teams who want to write simple but good games by hand will benefit most from Unity.

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