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Creating a website: You should definitely observe these 8 rules

The importance of a company website for a company can hardly be underestimated: If you do not present yourself with your own website, you will remain invisible to many of your customers.

There were over a billion websites on the Internet last year. But not every website brings its owner the desired success:

Company websites with poor quality are not searched for, not found and do poorly on Google.

The company website is for information

First of all, a company website serves as information for your potential customers. These customers now primarily find out about your company, your products and services online.

A successful company website helps visitors to get a first, positive picture of your business. Companies that do not maintain their company website regularly are less successful in the long run.

That is why you should always keep your information up-to-date or, best of all, publish specialist articles in the company's blog.

This is how you represent your company optimally online and show potential customers the right products and services.

The company website turns visitors into customers

But how do visitors become loyal customers? Two aspects are important for this: The Presentation of the website and the Contents of the company website.

The optimal presentation ensures that the website offers exciting and attractive incentives for visitors, both visually and in terms of content. Because that's the only way to get the feeling: "IM right, here" and "That's exactly what I was looking for".

The right content make your website the linchpin of your company's online activities. In this way, you can show the exciting story of your company in moving images on your website. Or you can link your online shop to your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Co.

You should consider these characteristics of successful company websites if you are looking for long-term success:

1. Good content

Good content is the decisive criterion for your company's success on the Internet. You will only be found in search engines if you know what is in demand in your industry and offer the right content. So you not only get more, but also the right visitors.

The content on your website must be relevant and valuable for the visitor, i.e. prepare a purchase decision on the website. And that requires relevant and in-depth content. ‘Thin content’, i.e. short content with meaningless marketing talk, is more harmful than it helps. We would like to thank Google's Panda and Fred algorithm updates for this. For many websites it said: Goodbye to Google Rankind.

2. Uniqueness

Stand out from your competitors. Show with your professional company website what your unique strengths are as a company. If you're impressing your customers in person, then you should do the same on the internet.

Those who find their way around and find exactly what they are looking for not only like to buy but also like to come back. Of course, there are tricks to increase the conversion rate, such as artificial scarcity, but a good user experience is much more important.

3. Professional design

A high-quality company website conveys competence and quality to your customers. Show your strengths directly with your website: Logo, color, font and design elements make your company website unique.

Potential customers get an idea of ​​you and your website in the first few seconds. A modern, individual and high-quality design inspires and creates trust. With an individual web design you give visitors to your company website a reliable impression of your offer. Convince yourself at first sight! But not only new customers will appreciate a contemporary web design: Your existing customers will also like to use your website again and again.

Convince on all devices

4. Responsive design

You can also convince on the mobile internet: With responsive design, your website adapts to the user's device. Whether cell phone, tablet, smartphone or flat screen TV. With a company website in responsive design, you look good everywhere.

Remember when the mobile web was in its infancy and there were two versions of every website? A desktop page where everything was written on it and a stripped-down mobile page (m.meinewebseite.de) that was always pretty ugly?

So if you are still the proud owner of a separate mobile site, you should definitely get rid of it this year and go for responsive design.

5. Short loading times

Don't keep your customers waiting: the longer the loading time, the more customers will leave your website. A company website that loads quickly inspires your customers and makes it easier for them to get in touch.

The British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ has found that a page load time of just four seconds can reduce the number of visitors by over 11% percent.

6. Good information structure

Company websites with a clear structure are clearly ahead of the game: A visitor who finds his way around easily comes across the products and services that turn him into a customer.

In short: Your website should be structured in such a way that even a child can find their way around it. Navigation and sub-pages should be structured in such a way that a user needs a maximum of 3 to 4 clicks to reach any sub-page.

7. Conversions and Call-To-Actions

Conversions are the events on websites when visitors take an action that makes sense for your company.

This includes making contact, downloading information materials and much more.

With cleverly placed calls to action, you make it easier for your visitors to take the right action.

The optimization of conversion rates (conversion optimization) and search engine optimization (SEO) are two sides of the same coin: At the end of the day, it's all about clicks - either on the search result or on the buy button. You can take advantage of this to use the knowledge of sales psychology for websites outside of the online shop.

8. Analysis and evaluation

Those who know their users have more success: With the evaluation of your company website by, for example, Google Analytics, you get interesting insights into your customers.

In this way you can see which products or services are particularly popular or what the click behavior is on individual subpages.

What is good content?

Good content - good content - is that which enables your customers to make an informed purchase decision at the right moment.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means that your website adapts to any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) and looks good in any size.

What are short loading times?

Short loading times mean that your website does not take longer than 1 second to load on any device. This includes all content including images.

What is a good information structure?

A good information structure helps your customers to find their way around the website. So are z. B. All important pages can be reached with just 2 clicks. Just think of your website as a pyramid with the homepage at the top.

What can I learn from analysis?

For example, you can learn which information is particularly important for your customers. Or what information leads to the best sales results.

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