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Additional terms of use for Google Maps / Google Earth

  • License: If you comply with these terms of use, you will be granted a license to use Google Maps / Google Earth in accordance with the Google terms of use, which includes the following functions:

    1. View and annotate maps

    2. Create KML files and map layers

    3. Publish content, properly cited, online, in video, and in print media

    For more details on how you can use Google Maps / Google Earth, see the Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View usage guidelines page.

  • Improper conduct: The license to use Google Maps / Google Earth is linked to your adherence to the provisions of this section 2. When using Google Maps / Google Earth, you (or the people acting on your behalf) are not permitted to:

    1. The redistribution or sale of parts of Google Maps / Google Earth or the creation of a new product or a new service based on Google Maps / Google Earth, with the exception of the use of the Google Maps / Google Earth APIs in accordance with their terms of use

    2. Copying of content, except as otherwise permitted on the Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View Terms of Use page or by applicable copyright law (including "fair use" - free use)

    3. The massive download of the content or the massive feeding of the content in the form of feeds (or their tolerance)

    4. The use of Google Maps / Google Earth to create or expand other data sets with map material (including data sets for cartography or navigation, databases with business entries, mailing or telemarketing lists) that are used for a service, which is essentially Google Maps / Google Earth is similar or suitable as a substitute for it

    5. The use of any part of Google Maps / Google Earth with or in connection with products or services from other providers that are used for real-time navigation or the control of self-driving vehicles, unless this is done through a function provided by Google such as Android Auto

  • Actual circumstances, assumption of risk: In the case of cartographic data, traffic data, directions or other content from Google Maps / Google Earth, the search results and content shown on the map may differ from the actual conditions. Please note: The use of Google Maps / Google Earth is at your own discretion and risk. You are responsible for your own behavior and its consequences at all times.

  • Your content in Google Maps / Google Earth: Content that you upload, send, save or receive via Google Maps / Google Earth is subject to the Google Terms of Use, including the license specified in the Permission to Use Your Content section. However, content that is only stored locally on your device (such as a locally stored KML file) is not uploaded or sent to Google and is therefore not subject to this license.

  • State institutions as users: If you use Google Maps / Google Earth on behalf of a government agency, the following conditions apply:

    1. Governing Law:

      1. For local or federal or state entities in the United States and the European Union, the section in the Google Terms of Use relating to applicable law and jurisdiction does not apply.

      2. For United States Federal Government entities, the relevant section is replaced by the following:

        "These Terms of Use are subject to United States law, regardless of conflict of standards, and must be interpreted and enforced accordingly. Only to the extent permitted by US federal law do the following apply: The federal courts in Santa Clara County, California shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use or with Google Maps / Google Earth, and the parties agree to their personal jurisdiction Courts too. "

    2. Restricted Rights by United States Government Agencies: Any access to or use of Google Maps / Google Earth by or for the federal government of the United States is subject to the Restricted Rights of United States State Agencies section in the Google Maps / Google Earth and Google Maps / Google Earth Legal Notices APIs.