What are some characteristics of an educator

Educator: What physical & mental skills?

There are various requirements for the profession of educator. In my internship I learned which physical and mental skills a good educator needs to have.

In order to train as an educator, you need the middle school leaving certificate, which you get after successfully completing the tenth year of school.

In response to the question about the mental and physical I learned aptitude for this profession that in the best case one should bring along spontaneity, creativity, imagination, a certain musical talent, the ability to work in a team and the ability to respond individually to each child.

I would explain this as follows: You need spontaneity, creativity and imagination to design spontaneous activities and offers for the children and thus give them a change from the usual Kindergarten program to offer. During my internship, the teachers found new handicraft and decoration options almost every day, which they wanted to put into practice with some of the kindergarten children for the upcoming one Easter celebration come to mind. With regard to Easter, educators and children were also challenged in terms of singing. A musical talent could benefit them. In order to be able to act well, purposefully and above all together in a team, it is primarily necessary harmony. You get this if you show the ability to work in a team, i.e. if you have the ability to accept suggestions from others and, if necessary, also respond to them. To respect each other and to engage in teamwork.

Because every child is different and therefore a special one attention as an educator you should be able to cater to each child and their needs individually.

Physical fitness is also an important part of the job description. Due to the usually high number of children in a group, a healthy and stress-resistant physical condition is necessary. Since several educators share the tasks, the stress level is at an acceptable level.

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