How does Ranbir Kapoor look so good


From Ranbir's point of view
In the middle of the night I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone, four missed calls and it rang again. I answered it and put it to my ear. (Kareena)
(Ranbir) what are you calling so crazy at this time? (Kareena) are you kidding me ?? (Ranbir) are you crazy, do you know what time it is? (Kareena) and as I know, what do you mean by being with Katrina ?? Are you completely crazy now. When she asked, I sat up straight. (Ranbir) you know that? (Kareena) yeah, I know what it looks like, you didn't want to tell me at all .. I hear, what's the point!
(Ranbir) it's not what you think it is. (Kareena) ah and how is it ??
Before it gets really complicated, I'll tell you the truth ... how long could I keep it a secret.
I do not know how to say it. Priyanka is very important to me. I I love her, I love her very much as my own life. Only to them I am only the friend. I tried to tell her several times, but I didn't get the same energy from her that I feel for her, so I always held back before I lose her. What I did last, I shouldn't do what I did, but that was part of the game ... Katrina found out about my feelings for Priyanka and suggested this path for me. Which in the end I win Priyanka's love. With which I can then prove to her that I am not only the friend but more for her. (Kareena) that's stupid, you don't do something like that (Ranbir) what else should I do, for her I'm just not Ranbir anymore, I want to change it and I'll fight for it
(Kareena) you can't tell her that straight to her face instead of pulling some shit off. Ah you know what, do what you think is right, but don't lose it at the end. (Ranbir) I won't let that happen.
(Kareena) we'll see. Then she lay down. And I lay down again and started the blanket. It was complicated my love, the feelings I felt for her. The friendship, it was my life, every morning every evening it occupied my head. I hoped that one day she would lie next to me on this bed.

From Priyanka's point of view
The next morning when I got up I noticed that it was already noon. But I slept a long time. In my head went what Kareena told me yesterday .. does Ranbir love someone else ??? But otherwise he would have told me, or not !!? I texted Kareena but got no answer from her
So that I could clear my head, I went for a jog. I quickly put on my workout clothes and went downstairs.
(Mother) where are you going? (Priyanka) I wanted to go for a run.
(Mother) you haven't eaten anything, are you all right, dear? (Priyanka) I'll eat later when I get back
(Mam) that doesn't work, you will eat first, otherwise I won't let you go. (Priyanka) but .. (mother) nothing but. As she wanted, I quickly made myself a loaf of bread and took a bottle with me and left the apartment. After an hour of walking, I came back. Since it was already noon, mother had freshly cooked. (Mam) there you are, dear, go wash your hands and come eat. (Priyanka) it smells delicious, I'm hurrying up.
After I changed we sat at the table. (Father) and dear, what are you going to do about your career? (Priyanka) I'm just out of school. I don't want to do anything. (Father) how long won't you do anything? (Priyanka) am I annoying you that you don't want to see me?
(Dad) why should you that I only want the best for you .. (Priyanka) then give me the time I want ..
(Dad) whatever you want but let me know if you need something. (Priyanka) I'll do that. Thanks dad. After we ate, I called Ranbir. I didn't have to wait long and he answered immediately. (Ranbir) hey, (Priyanka) hey (Ranbir) how are you? (Priyanka) good and you? Do you have time we want to meet right now?
(Ranbir) I can't, unfortunately, I have an appointment with Katrina, I'm sorry, but you can come with me if you want. (Priyanka) yes Katrina, no thanks (Ranbir) sure ?? (Priyanka) yes
(Ranbir) I'll see you. (Priyanka) you guys have fun. Then we lay up. It was just the beginning and my friend already had no more time for me.