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Poverty Ranking 2021: The people in these ten countries have the least money

Beautiful beaches and natural resources do not always lead to wealth. On the contrary: countries can quickly sink into poverty through exploitation. But poverty in a country can be measured using different criteria. This ranking shows the ten poorest countries in the world in 2019, measured by gross domestic product per capita. Current figures for the past year 2020 are not yet available.

In the data from the International Monetary Fund, however, there is no comparable information about countries such as North Korea or Syria, as corresponding figures are missing for these countries. Under these conditions, these are the ten poorest countries in the world in the 2021 ranking:

The ten poorest countries in the world in the 2021 ranking

The ranking begins with the Republic of Niger in 10th place among the poorest countries in the world. In the West African landlocked country, the gross domestic product per capita was $ 553.92 in 2019.

One reason for the high level of poverty is the birth rate, which is not as high in any country as in Niger: a woman has an average of seven children there. But the country lacks food for the many people. Much of Niger is in the Sahara. And there is a lack of educational infrastructure: Niger has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world.

9th place: Sierra Leone, Africa

77 percent of Sierra Leone's citizens have less than $ 2 a day to live on. With this high percentage of poverty, the West African state is the ninth poorest country in the world. In 2019, the gross domestic product per capita was $ 539.12.

There are large diamond deposits in Sierra Leone. In the 1990s, however, a civil war broke out in the conflict over the extraction of this resource. This lasted until 2002 and hit Sierra Leone badly.

8th place: Madagascar, Africa

When you hear the name Madagascar, you might initially think of white sandy beaches and dense rainforests - or of cartoons of the same name. But every paradise also has its downsides.

In Madagascar it is mainly the poverty of the population. The gross domestic product per capita on the fourth largest island in the world was just 525.3 dollars in 2019. This makes Madagascar the eighth poorest country in the world.

7th place: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

In fact, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in natural resources found along the Congo River. But since the Portuguese and Belgians began to mine mineral resources in colonial times, the land has been exploited and has suffered greatly from the wealth of the soil.

The country itself therefore generates little and with a gross domestic product per inhabitant of 508.95 dollars in 2019, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the 7th poorest country in the world.

6th place: Afghanistan, South Asia

Afghanistan mostly appears in the German news when reports are made about attacks by the Taliban or the mission of the NATO soldiers stationed there.

The German Bundeswehr has been deployed in Afghanistan since 2002, and there is no end to the war in sight. Afghanistan is also one of the poorest countries in the world with a GDP per capita of $ 507.29 and ranks sixth.

5th place: Mozambique, Africa

South African Mozambique ranks fifth among the poorest countries in the world. The state between South Africa and Tanzania had a GDP per capita of 487.69 dollars in 2019. A civil war raged in Mozambique that lasted 15 years until 1992.

The war shaped Mozambique for decades, for example with countless landmines in the ground. In 2015, the British NGO Halo Trust announced that Mozambique was mine-free - around 171,000 landmines had been removed in the previous decades.

4th place: Central African Republic, Africa

The Central African Republic is one of the least developed countries in Africa. People in the state have a very low life expectancy, averaging 52.8 years. In 2019, the gross domestic product per capita in the Central African Republic was just $ 479.86.

Malawi has an even lower gross domestic product per capita. The GDP per capita in the East African state was $ 377.72 in 2019.

Most people in Malawi work as small farmers and, according to Welthungerhilfe, are particularly hard hit by the El Niño climate phenomenon: recurring drought in some regions, heavy rainfall in other regions. Both lead to bad harvests and increase hunger in Malawi, according to the NGO.

2nd place: South Sudan, Africa

The second poorest country in the world is South Sudan - and one of the youngest at that. The people of South Sudan voted in a referendum for independence from Sudan in 2011, after which civil war broke out from 2013 to 2018. South Sudan is considered a failed state. In 2019, GDP per inhabitant was $ 368.84.

The poorest country in the world is Burundi. Burundi's economy has also been weakened by years of civil war. Added to this are domestic political instability and ethnic-social tensions. In 2019, a resident of Burundi had an average GDP of just $ 269.83.

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