What functions does Tinder have

Is Tinder Gold or Plus worth it? My experience!

You want to get more matches and meet attractive women. So you ask yourself: Is Tinder Gold or Plus worthwhile as an investment? Does that bring anything?

Or are such subscriptions a waste of money?

I did the detailed test!

In this article I want to explain the possible advantages of the premium variants to you and tell you about my experiences as to whether and when which subscription pays off.

Tinder Gold and Plus - what's the difference?

Both subscriptions are pretty similar if you make a direct comparison.

Because regardless of whether you choose the gold or the plus version at Tinder, you will always get these extras:

  • Assign unlimited likes
  • Free monthly boost (function that increases your visibility for 30 minutes)
  • Take back the last swipe if you want to change your mind again
  • 5 super likes for free every day
  • Passport to freely choose your location and swipe worldwide
  • Limit the visibility of profile information (age, distance)
  • Only women are shown that you like
  • Show recently active users first
  • Use the dating app without annoying advertising

Okay, what's the difference now? It's simple: Tinder Gold offers you two more features on top:

  • Immediately discover who gave you a like (to generate a match directly)
  • Ability to swipe through all of your top picks and buy more

Maybe all of this is still a bit confusing for you at the moment ...

…but no fear! I will explain to you exactly what the individual functions bring and whether an upgrade to Tinder Plus or Gold is worthwhile for you.

What does Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold cost?

Well, that depends first of all on the duration of the premium subscription.

You have the option of taking out a subscription for one, six or twelve months. The longer the term, the lower the monthly costs.

Nevertheless, the prices for the subscriptions cannot be given in general terms. Because how much you have to pay depends on various factors, especially your age and the operating system you are using.

Those under 28 years of age are lucky because they pay a lot less than users over 28 years of age.

To give you a rough (!) Idea of ​​the costs, here is an example from one of my clients who is 34 years old and uses the dating app on Android:

Tinder Plus costs:

  • 1 month: € 14.99
  • 6 months: € 9.99 per month (total € 59.94)
  • 12 months: € 6.66 per month (total € 79.92)

Tinder Gold cost:

  • 1 month: € 24.99
  • 6 months: € 14.99 per month (total € 89.94)
  • 12 months: € 9.99 per month (total € 119.88)

Are the prices now a rip off?

Let's put it more nicely: Is that a lot of money? Maybe too much? The question is wrongly asked, my dear ;-)

The question should actually be: What do you get in return for your money? Is Tinder Gold or Plus worth it with the additional functions?

Because just as a mind game for the search for a partner:

If I could bake your absolute dream woman, introduce her to you personally and you would be happy together for the rest of your life, you would even give me a thousand euros for it, wouldn't you?

So what!

Everything is relative ... and if a subscription brings you the desired success with tons of matches and many hot dates, the money in the app is definitely well invested.

My experience: is Tinder Gold or Plus worth it?

Based on my years of experience in online dating, I'll tell you what a premium subscription really brings you.

I will explain all the functions that are included in the Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions.

In order to differentiate between the two premium variants, I would like to give a rating for each additional function in the app in my test:

  • Useless (= Nonsense that you can really give yourself ...)
  • It's okay (= is nice as an extra in the package, but you can do without it ...)
  • Gold value (= really blatant hack that will get you ahead in Tinder ...)

In my experience report you will immediately see whether Tinder Gold or Plus is worthwhile for the respective extra features.

So let the games begin!

1. Assign unlimited likes

I know it from many men: They sit on the cell phone for hours and like everything that is not in the trees at three.

Of course, with such a tough marathon swipe, the number of daily likes in the free version is used up faster than grandma’s cookies at Christmas.

But did I tell you to like all kinds of women? No!

In another article I already explained to you that you should distribute likes sparingly, especially so as not to crash your Elo score with the Tinder algorithm.

So take your time, study the girls' profiles and only like the ones you really like.

If you are picky about swiping, in my experience the limited likes in the free app version are completely sufficient. Tinder Gold / Plus is not worth it for that.

Because as soon as you have created an attractive profile, you will also get enough matches in the free version and can write to more cute users than you even have time.

Nevertheless, there is nothing to shake:

Being able to give more likes with Premium also means having more chances of matches. No matter how picky you are when looking for a partner.

Of course, this function is not entirely useless, but it is also not decisive for the war.

My rating: Quite okay

2. A free monthly boost

If you activate the Tinder Boost, you will be shown more intensely to women around you for 30 minutes.

This increased visibility gives you the chance to collect a bunch of matches in a short time.

In Berlin I did the test with it and got 17 likes in 30 minutes.

So I can only say: Yes, Tinder Gold or Plus is definitely worth it for this turbo hack. You should use the Boost if you have it included in the package once a month for free!

However, 3 requirements must be met when looking for a partner:

But you can do the 3 things, right?

You can also buy the Boost individually, i.e. without a subscription. So if you ONLY need the boost function, Gold or Plus is not worth it!

My rating: gold value

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3. Undo the last swipe

Who doesn't know this situation: You swipe like a berserk at record speed and suddenly it happens.

You accidentally swipe to the left ("NOPE"), zack, red stamp ...

... and Lena with the sweet smile and the sharp curves has disappeared into the virtual oblivion, never to be seen again!

In this mess, Tinder Plus or Gold is worthwhile, because the happy owner of the premium subscription can now reverse his decision.

But among us Tinder brothers: Do you really need something like that?

First, there are always enough attractive women to be found in the dating app. I also explained to you above that you don't need to swipe hectically, but that you should take your time.

Then such a mishap rarely happens, at least in my experience.

My rating: Quite okay

4. Every day 5 super likes for free

Aaaaah! Never give superlikes in the dating app, even if they are free!

Sure, you will draw even more attention to yourself. But this is exactly where the problem lies: Right from the start, you're showing far too much interest when looking for a partner on Tinder.

And that looks totally unattractive in online dating, because the woman will think:

Oh man, this guy needs to beg my attention with a superlike. He doesn't trust that I find his profile so attractive that I would like him back with a normal like. What a sausage!

And even if she matches you on a superlike, you don't have the best cards when chatting from the outset, because she still has your submissive behavior in the back of her mind.

The first impression counts - and you screwed it up with a superlike!

So Tinder Gold or Plus is not worth it for this feature. It is even more a waste of money to buy superlikes individually (without a subscription).

My rating: useless

5. Swipe worldwide with "passport"

The normal radius in the Tinder search settings "only" extends up to 160 kilometers.

But with the “passport” function in the premium package, you can freely choose your location in the app and then swipe for pretty women all over the world.

If you travel a lot (which you should be as an attractive man) this “passport” is almost a godsend.

Just imagine how much fun it is:

You know that in a week you will be flying to vacation paradise hundreds of kilometers away, where the hot girls in short bikinis frolic.

Then the best thing you can do is to "beam" yourself there in the app so that you can arrange a date for the first or second day of your vacation.

Tinder Gold and Plus are definitely worthwhile for this - especially when you consider that women are much more relaxed when flirting on vacation and that sex is already in the air ...

My rating: gold value

6. Hide profile information (age, distance)

In short, why would you want to hide your age in Tinder?

You should also play with open cards when dating online, because the truth will come to light on a real date at the latest.

In addition, when swiping you will only be shown to women whose search criteria you fit in with age - regardless of whether your age is visible or not.

Fading out the distance makes more sense. You should do it if you use the "passport" function in the app as described above.

Many ladies at your upcoming vacation spot are likely to become suspicious if the distance between you seems too great and may not write back.

At least that was the case with me in the test.

So (only!) In relation to the distance information for the "passport" I can say for this feature:

My rating: gold value

7. Only visible to users you like

So you decide who can see you on Tinder. If you value discretion (because you have something to hide), this option is of course useful.

Usually, however, Tinder Gold or Plus is not worth it for this purpose, for one important reason:

If you have a good profile that everyone can see, women will like you en masse. They fly to you like moths to light.

All you have to do is return a like to make the match clear.

But with this whole under-cover story, you're missing out on the chance to be liked by women who like you first and then to like them back.

You are then always the one who likes first and you have to hope for a positive reaction from you.

That lowers the number of your matches a lot. So, best hands off!

My rating: useless

8. Show recently active users first

I've seen it many times while dating online on single sites:

I write to a beautiful woman and find out that she was last logged in 7 months ago. Of course there will never be an answer ...

It's the famous card file corpses.

In the Tinder app, we can't see the last time the girl we see while swiping was online.

Therefore, viewing the people who have recently been active first can be a very useful premium option. It can increase the number of matches.

However, there is also a catch:

The algorithm then sorts the partner suggestions mainly according to the activity of the users - and no longer according to WHO a suitable match for you.

So it's a double-edged sword. Tinder Gold or Plus is certainly worthwhile for this, but only to a limited extent.

My rating: Quite okay

9. Use Tinder without ads

You swipe for beautiful girls, and suddenly instead of a hot woman's body, the advert for burger, fitness and co ... appears.

Well, the advertising in Tinder doesn't really bother me, because it is displayed like a "normal" profile. That means: with a swipe to the left or a tap on the red X, that's done.

You are not forced to watch a video for minutes and you do not get any annoying popups like on various erotic sites.

But of course an app without advertising is always better than with it - especially if you are already spending money on a subscription anyway.

Nevertheless, Tinder Gold or Plus is not worth it just to turn the juice off of the advertising.

My rating: Quite okay

10. See who liked you (only gold!)

Okay, so far I've explained the features that are included in BOTH paid versions of Tinder.

Now we will discuss the two extras that you only get with the gold version:

The most important thing is that you can see your likes on gold.

That means: You can see which women have given you a like and then have the opportunity to like them back immediately.

Using the feature is definitely worth it, because you can create a match directly instead of swiping back and forth until you "accidentally" meet the woman. That saves time and is fun!

In addition, when you swipe, you will not see all the people who have previously liked you (for example because they are traveling around and are now too far away).

You won't miss any more matches!

My rating: gold value

11. Full access to your top picks (only gold!)

We come to the second extra that distinguishes the gold version from the cheaper Tinder Plus:

With the so-called top picks, the dating app shows you a particularly exquisite selection of attractive users who might suit you.

After 24 hours, however, these profiles disappear again and are replaced by new top pick suggestions.

You will also see top picks in the free and plus version, but only with gold you have access to all suggested profiles (and you can buy additional top picks).

In my experience, however, this function is superfluous like a refrigerator in the Arctic.

Because in my test, I absolutely could not determine that the partner suggestions fit you particularly well or that more matches come about as a result.

Rather, it's a placebo that Tinder is trying to use men to get the money out of our pockets.

My rating: useless

Conclusion, whether Tinder Gold / Plus is worth it

First of all, I have to say that the free version of Tinder is completely sufficient to get enough matches and to write with women.

Does a premium subscription also make sense for you? I do not want to make a final judgment on this in this field report.

Because it all depends on which additional functions you can use in your situation.

Maybe you are someone who travels the world a lot, who prefers to stay anonymous when tindering or who wants to catapult the number of his likes even higher ...

Read through my assessments of the individual features and consider for yourself whether an upgrade to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus is worthwhile for you - or whether you prefer to stick with the free version.

Without a good profile, everything is nothing

But I can assure you one thing based on my experience: Even the most expensive Tinder subscription is of no use to you if you have an unattractive profile where women run away screaming.

So there is no point in saying when looking for a partner:

Hm, somehow I hardly get any matches because I don't get the profile pictures on the chain. I'll get a subscription now and then things will go like clockwork!

This is not how it works in the app.

Because no matter how much money you throw Tinder down the throat for a premium package, with a bad profile you will continue to miss out on matching.

Instead, it's more like this:

If you already have an attractive profile, Tinder Gold or Plus is worthwhile to get EVEN MORE matches than you already have.

So you have to bring your profile up to speed first - there is no getting around it. But I would be happy to help you with my expert knowledge.

I will also show you how to create irresistible attraction to get women on dates while writing & to conquer them:

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