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Facebook starts live videos: streaming in real time (update)

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Facebook has released its live video function for all users. You can now stream your own videos from your smartphone to Facebook and your friends can watch and comment live. We tried live video. Update: Android support follows.

EnlargeFacebook starts live videos: streaming in real time

Update: 02/29/2016: Live video streaming for Android

In the course of this week, Facebook wants to publish live streaming for videos for the Android app as well. This is tweeted by Roger Cheng from Cnet. He relies on a statement by Mark Zuckerberg.

Initially, live video streaming should only be possible for Android users from the USA. For Facebook users outside the USA, the rollout is to follow at a later date.

Update end, start of the original message:

From now on Facebook users can record live videos and stream them via their Facebook page. This function, known as Live Video, is currently only available for the iPhone. To do this, you must have installed the current version of the Facebook app for iOS or update an older version.

How to Record Live Video

Start the Facebook app for iOS and go to “Status” (see the lead picture above for this message). There you will find the new icon for Live Video in the lower icon bar on the far right. Press this icon.

Enter a short description in the picture that then appears - in our example this is "PC-WELT streams". Then press “Start live broadcast”. A 3 second countdown now counts down until the recording starts. When the recording is at least four seconds long, you can stop it.

The video will play on your Facebook page with a delay of one to two seconds, depending on the quality of your connection. Facebook advises that your Facebook friends will not be able to dial in during the stream if the video is shorter than 22 seconds. But you can look at it afterwards in your chronicle at any time.

EnlargeAnd this is what it looks like in our chronicle.

During the video stream, the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are watching, and a real-time stream of comments are displayed. You can block viewers during a live video by tapping the profile picture next to a viewer's comment and then tapping "Block". The video can be a maximum of 30 minutes.

Recording and streaming worked perfectly in our test runs. The sound quality was also okay, although we were in a WLAN network with our iPhone. How reliably the whole thing works with a cellular connection remains to be seen. Switching from the front to the main camera freezes the video stream for about a second, but then it continues without any problems.

You can of course delete the videos at any time. Before starting the live recording, remember to change your visibility settings if necessary. If you don't want everyone to see the live video.

Like all other entries, the video can be commented on and given a like. You can also comment on the live video live.

Facebook is currently rolling out the live video function to all users worldwide. So it could be that this new feature is not yet available to you at the time of this article.

The live video function is not yet available for Android, but the Android app is in progress.
Android users can switch to the live streaming app Periscope, for example.