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Inspired by Cinderella

“Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” is a small piece of film history and is inextricably linked with the magic of Christmas. The DEFA cult classic is part of the festive program of many television stations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway and Switzerland every year. What only a few viewers know, however, is that the fairytale castle, which over 40 years ago was the setting for the most beautiful fairy tale film of all time, is in Saxony, more precisely: in Moritzburg. The “Cinderella” myth remains unbroken, even more than 40 years after it was first broadcast on GDR television.

Be a princess for once

Reason enough to take up this magical attraction and develop a touching little Christmas story from it. The focus is on the big dream of the little leading actress Lilly, to be a princess one day. At Moritzburg Castle, of course. Because no one listens to her in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, and no one has time for her, she simply sets off on the journey alone and secretly. But of course it's about much more: listening to one another, giving each other time and love. “And what do you dream of?” - with this question the little runaway's journey ends, and - of course - with bright children's eyes when the little protagonist happily circles the frozen castle pond and is reunited with her parents.

Photos: Martin Förster - center films

Moritzburg Castle

Always worth a trip: the famous August the Strong's hunting lodge, surrounded by forests and ponds. And Saxony's only lighthouse.

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