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Body Art - Can Muscles Distort Tattoos?


True to the motto: "If you want, you get everything deformed", you can of course distort tattoos. However, this only becomes relevant if, for example, an already tattooed slim person decides to become a professional bodybuilder. A strong growth of the muscles would of course be expected here. And since muscles have a natural expression and specific shape, they then force them onto the tattoo. Depending on where this tattoo is placed, effects occur that bring the tattoo into one form or another, and thus distort it. It is also to be expected that the tattoo would lose some of its color intensity due to the distribution over a larger area.


Of course, the above-mentioned irritations can also arise if someone's health is already impaired. So, for example, has weak connective tissue or has a tendency to form keloid. Keloids are scars that grow beyond the edge of the wound. In this case, however, tattoos are generally not advisable, as the slight damage to the skin during tattooing already creates this effect.

Our tips for tattoos and muscle building:

Before the body is decorated with impressive art, it is definitely advisable to consult a specialist. Most good tattoo studios already have experience in these questions and are always happy to offer advice before a final decision is made. Since this is a permanent optical change or one that is difficult to remove, a sufficient dose of care and attention should be exercised.

If there are already decorative tattoos and they have not been recently engraved (the recommendation of the tattoo artist applies in any case), they should be cared for with appropriate moisturizing products. The most common care product that is repeatedly recommended because of its purity is petroleum jelly. This greases the skin well and has no harmful additives. However, there are also various products that have been specially designed for tattoo care. The skin remains supple and possible distortions due to weak connective tissue are also prevented.


In conclusion, the all-clear can largely be given. In most cases, strong and unsightly changes in tattoos due to training that affects the muscles of the muscles are not to be expected. And as in almost all things that affect life, a level-headed approach to yourself and your body is certainly a piece of advice that is always worth following.