What are some funny flowcharts

Do you need a laugh? These 36 fun flowcharts can help!

Whether you are just suffering from boredom or you have a burning question you need to answer, a clever flow chart can help. They're like quizzes, only faster and better. And these funny ones here are answering some questions you didn't even know you had for sure. To see a full size chart, just give it a tap.

1. Should You Eat This Bacon? 1

You should eat this bacon over

2. Are you a booty call?

About how you say you are a

3. Which superhero are you?

About Exclusive Infographic: What Summer 2012

4. Should You Get Back Together How, Never?

About top 10 GIFs from the

5. are you a horse?

Over 10 fun flowcharts

6. Do you result in above?

About flowchart: Have on

7. Gossip Girl?

8. where to share?

About what to do, social media website

9. Gandalf Problem Solving Flowchart

Solve Gandalf Problem - A

10. Get a move on!

Over 16 charts and graphs that

11. Are you ready?

About Are you ready for A

12. Patty cake ...

About Funny Kitchen Art Decor Baker

15. Morrissey, anyone?

Over 21 charts only Morrissey fans

16. Are you hipster at a wedding?

About infographic: Are you on the A

21. Find the right funny ya book for you

About the YA novel to find that

22. Which pet should I?

About a handy flow chart on top

25. Ink or not ink

About Tattoo Design Ideas: Building One

26. Tights are not pants

About I'm wearing pants

27. okay, it's a pie chart

Over 14 fun charts

28. Love!

About which RomCom or Romance should

29. it is actually very deep

Are you happy about

30. Penguin eating pizza!

About flowchart: Are you good at

31. but what about the milk ?!

Over 16 helpful diagrams each

32. I love Bon Iver!

About The Daily Muse | Career

33. No. Only No.

Via TheOatmeal.com

34. Do you even have to ask?

About ILoveCoffee

35.Decisions, decisions ...

Via TheOatmeal.com

36. I hate the word!

Via TheOatmeal.com

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