From which book is Godfather 2 taken

The Godfather II (Restored) summary

After the death of his father, Michael Corleone has now taken power over his family and is one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in America, with ties in business and politics. However, Michael wants to slowly get his family out of the illegal business and only earn money with legal companies. As a first step, Michael plans to get into the casino business in Las Vegas, but he needs the approval of a senator, but he wants such high sums of bribes that Michael is not ready to do business with him. Furthermore, Michael seeks the contact of an old business partner of his father Vito named Hyman Roth, also a gangster who has great influence on Cuba. There, too, Michael wants to make money with casinos and counts on the help of Hyman Roth, which he also gets. But there is also tension between the two. When one night finally an attack on Michael Leben and that of his family is carried out, he realizes that Roth must have betrayed him and that he is behind the mean attack. Michael finally plans to strike back against Roth and travels to Cuba, where he wants to have Roth killed. But the plan fails because, of all times, in the night in which Roth is supposed to be killed, chaos breaks out in the capital Havana in the wake of the Cuban revolution and all parties are forced to flee Cuba. Thus, Michael's business there has also finally collapsed. When Michael came back in America, however, he experiences even worse things, as he realizes that his brother Fredo has also betrayed him. This then goes into hiding and Michael does not want to know anything more from his actually good-natured brother.


But it gets worse: not only is the marriage with Kay more and more in crisis, who Michael even confesses to having had her third child aborted and who then leaves him, a former friend of the Corleone family, Frankie Pentangeli, also faces the authorities, because he believes Michael betrayed him and tried to kill him, but Roth is also behind this attack. There is an indictment against Michael, which further incriminates him. Michael finally decides to bring order to his life. So he lets Frankie Pentangeli's brother come to America from Sicily, with whose help Frankie manages to withdraw his statements, but then he kills himself. Michael is then killed. After separating from his wife, Michael has taken the children together and forbids Kay any contact. In fact, one of Michael Roth's capos succeeds in shooting. When his mother dies, Michael also makes a momentous decision: he decides that his brother Fredo must also die for his betrayal. Before his death he tells Fredo that he has forgiven him, but inside Michael cannot let the betrayal sit on him, which is why he lets Fredo appear. Michael is now completely alone and humanly cold. The only thing he has left is his money and his enormous power. However, the plan to lead a legal life has completely failed.

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