How are sound effects recorded

Sound FX

The right atmosphere or subtly used SFX round off your product

A whole lot can be done with sound effects (Sound FX). You can create certain atmospheres, create moods, support video animations with the right sound effect and much more.Sound FX are, in addition to the speaker and background music, a very important artistic means that gives your image film or web video much more expression.

There are three main categories of Sound FX:

  1. Atmos - They subliminally create a very specific atmosphere or provide a certain mood, e.g. stadium atmosphere, rush hour traffic noises or forest atmospheres.
  2. Pure tones - These are “natural” sound effects that can actually be seen in the picture, for example the felling of a tree, a passing tank, an explosion or just a kettle.
  3. SpecialFX (SFX) - these are “artificial” Sound FX, which do not occur in nature. For example, natural noises were recorded for Starwars ’SFX Engineer Ben Burtt and alienated until they sounded either like a laser pistol shot or like a spaceship speeding by. By the way, for the famous “TIE Fighter Sound”, Ben Burtt recorded the sound of an elephant and extremely alienated this sound.

SoundFX for Mini Cooper

A particularly exciting project for us was the creation of the soundscape for a commercial for the Mini Cooper car brand (Asia)
An advertising agency came to us under great time pressure because the effort for the sound design of their spot was underestimated and could no longer be managed in-house.

The spot is shot entirely with small toy models - and of course such model cars have no sound. However, SoundFX are absolutely essential here in order for the spot to work at all. Because only real engine noises make the scenes appear realistic and fast-paced, despite the intended plastic look.
The scope of this project was huge, despite the only 1:30 minutes playing time - in the end we used almost 500 tracks, with extensive panning and effect automations.

Despite the immense time pressure, we finished on time and the customer was absolutely happy with the result - just like us: