What is basketball known as


A basketball game in Australia: The player on the left is dribbling the ball and trying to get past the opponent.

Basketball is a ball game played in teams. It was invented in the USA in the years after 1890. The game is about throwing a ball into a ring made of iron. Depending on how far the thrower was from the ring, his team gets two or three points. In the end, it's about which team has more points.

In the beginning you actually played with a basket: this is exactly what the English word "basket" means. Soon after, a large hole was cut in the bottom of the basket so that the ball didn't have to be taken out again and again. That then became a ring with a net attached.

In addition, the basket was initially attached to a wall. But they wanted the players not to be able to lean on it and that there was more space under the basket. That is why the basket is hanging on a large board that must be far enough away from a wall. Each team has a basket on their side of the field that they must protect. It's similar to soccer with the goals, only with baskets and without a goalkeeper.

A team has five players. In the important competitions with teams that play basketball as a profession, there are certain rules. Depending on the competition, they can be a little different. What is special is that you cannot just take the ball under your arm and start running. You always have to dab the ball on the ground or throw it to a teammate.

The team has seven other players to replace. You play four times for 10 minutes and there are timeouts. The players do not have to endure as long as a soccer player, but can play with all their energy, also because basketball is replaced more often. In addition, a team that has the ball must have thrown onto the basket after 24 seconds. All of this makes the basketball game very fast and exciting.

  • A statue of James Naismith, the inventor of basketball

  • This is what a basket looks like today when you hang it on the backboard, the "backboard".

  • The Swedish basketball player Abigail Asoro, who plays in the German Bundesliga

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