Can be planted blue spruce

Planting blue spruce in the garden: tips

Especially in December, the blue spruce can be found in many living rooms as a Christmas tree. The conifer also cuts a fine figure over the rest of the year - in the home garden.

Blue spruce: a popular Christmas tree

Right after the Nordmann fir, the blue spruce is the most popular tree at Christmas. The horizontal growth of the branches and the full needles make it ideal for placing Christmas tree decorations on it. You can also plant it in the garden at home without any problems, as it is not only hardy, but also extremely robust. The demands of blue spruce are comparatively low. The soil should not be too firm, but the periwinkle does not have any other requirements for its breeding ground. In addition, the tree can also be kept well in a bucket - but not for its entire lifespan. At some point you should give it a place in your garden.

The conifer feels at home here

Since the conifer grows relatively quickly, you can first plant it in your garden and use it as a Christmas tree after just a few winter seasons. You can expect an increase of 25 to 60 centimeters per year. The height of the blue spruce is usually between four and 20 meters. Choose a sunny spot on your property so the periwinkle can grow in all its glory. In addition, the tree is ideally suited to be planted in a group. Individual planting is also possible if necessary.

Origin in the Rocky Mountains

The needles of the blue spruce or, as it is actually called, the blue-green to gray color of the spruce are easy to recognize. They can be up to three centimeters long and grow in large numbers on the branches and twigs. But caution is advised: the conifer is not called thorn spruce for nothing. The robust evergreen originally comes from the Rocky Mountains in the United States of America, where it is considered a state tree, especially in the states of Utah and Colorado. The blue spruce is mainly used as an ornamental or Christmas tree.