Will Tweetbot receive native push notifications

Finally here: iOS 7 updates for Delivery Status Touch and Tweetbot

Both updates are also adjustments to the new design of iOS 7. The user interfaces have been adapted, enhanced with new features from iOS 7, and a whole range of functions have been added to both apps:

Delivery Status Touch 5.0

In addition to the straightforward new design, Delivery Status Touch now offers background updates for parcel tracking. The app now conveniently gets new updates on deliveries on a regular basis, which, however, have to be activated once in the settings in order to also be able to send push notifications. For this purpose, the list of supported services such as iCloud, AirDrop, Calendar, SMS or 1Password has been expanded. Delivery Status Touch requires at least iOS 6.0. The update is free for existing users, Delivery Status Touch * as a universal app costs 4.49 euros.

Tweetbot 3.0

Many have been waiting eagerly for the update for Tweetbot, as the release was delayed according to Tabots in the App Store. But the annoyance among users is currently great, because Tweetbot 3 is a paid update - but the Twitter client also offers some new and improved elements: including native push notifications, customizable buttons and tabs, gesture control and improved mute filters .

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Tweetbot * currently costs 2.69 euros - this is an introductory price. So the price will go up soon. The app requires iOS 7. Danger! The iPad version has not yet been updated.

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