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The gaming market started in the seventies, mainly driven by Atari. Later on, Commodore, Nintendo and Sony dominate - one timeline.

At the beginning of the week there were the first rumors about the successor to the Xbox One: According to this, the successor to the current Microsoft game console will come onto the market in two versions, one of them as a hybrid streaming console with slimmed-down hardware.

Reason enough to deal with the history of game consoles, which dates back to 1972. Since then, the video and computer game industry has grown into a gigantic market.

The currently around two billion gamers around the world spent more than 106 billion dollars on gaming hardware and software in the past year alone. There have been a total of eight video game generations since the early 1970s.

The era of the classic video game begins with the first generation in 1972 with the publication of Pong by Atari - in a sense the forefather of all video games, which became popular on the first arcade machine. In 1974, the Americans brought home pong to the living room with their home console.

In 1977, the second generation of Atari sets the first standard for video games with the legendary VCS 2600 game console. The top 3 games of the time - Pacman, Asteroids and Frogger - are still popular video game classics today.

With the third generation, the gaming industry experienced its resurgence after a temporary slump - driven primarily by the Commodore 64, which was also a mega-successful game computer, in 1982 and the Nintendo daddle box NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1985.

In the later generations of gaming, the Nintendo Game Boy from 1989 followed as the first real mobile console or the first Playstation from Sony in 1995, which rekindled the competition in the console market and which is still one of the best-selling mega-sellers of our time.

All other facts and figures about the history of the game consoles in the following infographic:

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