What made YouTube popular

Youtube Shorts: This is how Google wants to compete with TikTok

What does a company do when it is threatened by strong competition? Lower prices - but not possible if the service offered does not cost anything. Be better - not easy either, if you are actually the top dog. The only thing left is: boldly copy the good ideas - and that's exactly what Google has now decided to do.

TikTok pressures Youtube - and Google reacts

Google's video platform Youtube is without a doubt the market leader in the online video business. But if you are even reasonably attentive, you can watch TikTok overtake the market giant. A little here, a little there - young users in particular prefer to stay on TikTok than on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

Google is pulling the cord by launching a new service: Youtube Shorts.

Young people are increasingly using TikTok: Youtube shorts should be an alternative

Not very innovative: 15-second clips

Here, users can create 15-second clips. A concept that made TikTok popular. The clips can be provided with effects and then shared with the general public. Not necessarily original - but exactly what many - especially younger users - like today.

Youtube Short is now starting in India. No coincidence, because TikTok has been banned in India since June. Youtube meets a market without competition, English-speaking and media-savvy. Not the USA, but ideal as a “test field”.

The group wants to gain experience and quickly develop YouTube shorts. And let it mature for the big serve - in the USA. Google doesn't have much time. Because if TikTok is to be taken over by Oracle in the USA as planned, it should be accompanied by a pompous PR campaign. So there is an urgent need for Google.

Lots of tools for editing

What has proven itself at TikTok are the many options for (re) editing the clips. Here an effect, there a fade or a sound effect - all of this is also available in YouTube shorts to spice up the clips. Youtube promises “high quality” content - as if many filters, screens, effects or magic make content high-quality. But such trickery is without a doubt popular - and so far it has hardly been available on YouTube.

Youtube Shorts offers various tools, including timers, countdowns, speed controls and various editing functions - directly in the smartphone app. The clips recorded in the mobile phone can be edited directly within the app.

Youtube Shorts starts in India - but will soon be available worldwide