How many Grammys has Christina Aguilera won

Christina Aguilera

"This music is who I am. You can take it or leave it, but I'm not going to change, not for anyone."
Christina Aguilera (on your website)
This is how Christina Aguilera comments on her current and tour naming CD "Stripped" (published 2002) or their attitude to criticism of their "image change".

But let's start at the beginning:

At the 18.12.1980 becomes Christina Maria Aguilera Born to an Ecuadorian father and an Irish mother in Staten Island (NY / USA). The father in the military, Aguilera traveled a lot from childhood, and lived temporarily e.g. in Japan, or various states within the USA, before the family settled near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She already joined as an 8-year-old "Star Search"on (in the USA very famous talent search show), at 10 she sings the American national anthem at a match between the Pittsburgh-based football teams" Penguins "and" Steelers ", and at 12 she takes part in the casting "New Mickey Mouse Club", a Disney children's TV show. For the next 2 years she performed weekly in this Disney club, together with today's stars like Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake.

At the age of 14, Aguilera takes part in Japan with the local pop star Keizo Nakanishi the duet "All I Wanna Do" on, participates in the video and accompanies him on tour. In the same year she joins "Golden Stage Festival" in Romania, and stirs up the 10,000 fans there when she walks into the middle of the crowd during her show.


back in the US, she sings for the soundtrack Disney's "Mulan" in front. She wins the bid and takes "Reflection" on. In the same week, she also receives a contract RCA Records. And this is where Christina Aguilera's career curve finally begins to climb steeply!

The film premiere of "Mulan" is in June 1998 and shoots shortly thereafter "Reflection" in the Top 15, Christina presented the song live in several American TV shows and delivered the proof of her skills. "I was able to transfer the theme of the song - which is about finding one's own identity - to my own life as a teenager.", says Aguilera. Praised by the critics, the interpretation of the young singer even reaps one Golden Globe nomination as "Best Original Song in an Animated Film".

your self-titled debut album follows in summer 1999 and includes hit singles like "Genie In A Bottle", "What A Girl Wants" or "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)". Christina herself was extremely impressed and even nervous about the illustrious group of producers who united her first album. So can be found on the same Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (`N Sync; Boyzone; Brand New Heavies), David Frank (Ex system member) and Steve Kipner, or also Matthew Wilder (No Doubt) and Guy Roche (Brandy, Dru Hill, Aaliyah, etc.).

"What A Girl Wants"

became the first No. 1 single of the year 2000, Aguilera underpins her beginning star existence with a performance at the White House Christmas Gala, her appearance in the half-time break at the Super bowl as well as winning the grammys for "Best New Artist 2000". In September 2000 the singer with Ecuadorian roots released her first Spanish-speaking single - "Mi Riflejo" - whose text she learns by ear, as she does not speak Spanish herself.

Aguilera to its root (press conference in July 1999): "[...] But you know, I'm proud of being Spanish, so I wanted to keep it and there was no way I was going to get rid of it. [...] ". "I don't see myself as one thing, because I'm a mix, half American-Irish, half Spanish. So, having both of that, you have to be proud of it and you have to love it, which I do . "

Christmas 2000 brings Christina "My Kind Of Christmas" out, an album peppered with X-Mas songs as she likes them. This album is also selling well.

Spring 2001

Another milestone follows: together with pink, Mya, Lil 'Kim and Missy Elliot Christina sings "Lady Marmalade" (from the soundtrack to "Moulin Rouge"), a sensational cover of the Patti LaBelle-Originals, that in a row also one grammy infiltrates for "Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals" (for pink).

Christina Aguilera

got over at this point 10 million units sold, won a Grammy, and toured the world. One would think it would continue in this key and with tried and tested means.

Not correct! Aguilera felt trapped "I was suppressed by the people who were interested in me doing the same thing over and over again. But I don't blame anyone for it. You learn quickly in this business, and once I knew what I wanted, I couldn't talk myself into it anymore to let".

The consequence was a short break, rest and relaxation at home (meanwhile) in L.A., and the result was in Fall 2002 "Stripped".

Aguilera's 2nd album can definitely be described as adult, the meanwhile 21-year-old shows courage and stands out "Stripped" on the status of the teen star, it continues to evolve.

The first single "Dirrty" shoots, despite or partly because of the open-hearted video, high in the charts worldwide. Of course there is protest, some of her very young fans ask Christina in letters and emails to refrain from doing this or that, but as quoted in the introduction, the artist - now also working as a songwriter - no longer wants to submit to any constraints.

And she has success with it! The producer team also includes this time, for example Linda Perry (Ex-Four Non Blondes-Singer and pink-Producer), with whom she also has a private friendship. Or Alanis Morissette-Producer Glenn Ballard, just like the team Redman and Rockwilder, or - last but not least - singer / producer Alicia Keyswith which the opener number "Impossible" originated.

"I always thought that recording in the recording studio meant achieving perfection. When I made this album, I discovered that it was more important to convey real feelings. [...] Introducing myself as a personality was in the foreground was to share what I really experience. "

For example, the number goes "I'm OK" directly to Aguilera's father.

Meanwhile the 2nd single "Beautiful" right at the top of the charts worldwide, a song that with its lyrics and video can inspire many courage and self-confidence.

Christina Aguilera

is vocally outstanding, she has a lot of hits and catchy songs up her sleeve, her performance is definitely worth more than a quick glance due to the years of schooling .... ergo ... you should consider one of the young female pop stars with real potential form a personal judgment on October 15 in the Wr. City Hall!

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