Why do people celebrate diversity

Why is it important?


We are people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions who call Europe their home - regardless of whether we were born in Europe or elsewhere. We are proud to live in a Europe with a wonderful diversity of cultures, languages ​​and beliefs.

Our way of life does not need protection from migrants - it needs equality and respect for human dignity and human rights. No one is illegal. Migration is neither a crime nor a security threat. However, what needs to be protected is our planet. The speed with which we continue to deplete our planet's resources is criminal. People all over the world are forced to leave their homes as a result.

We therefore demand that the title of "Vice-President for the Protection of the European Way of Life" be rejected and that migration be removed from this portfolio. Human dignity, equality and human rights must be safeguarded in the new European Commission and in particular in the department for migration policy.

Each piece in a mosaic is unique. Together these parts make something wonderful.

The same goes for our homeland - with our diversity, we together form our Europe. “United in diversity” is the motto of the European Union. But that vision is in jeopardy.

The future President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has nominated a Vice-President to be responsible for “protecting the European way of life”. His main responsibility: migration. [1]

The underlying idea: the "European way of life" contradicts migration and must be protected from it. That is contemptuous. This formulation is similar to the rhetoric of the right-wing extremists, who are extremely satisfied. Marine LePen described the post as an "ideological victory".

But there is increasing pressure from civil society and also from our representatives in the European Parliament (MEPs) for this name to be changed. But no changes have been made so far. A huge petition sponsored by the citizens of Europe is supposed to show that we do not accept this. We can make the difference with our signatures. In just three days, MPs will interview the candidate for this position. So we have to act quickly.


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