What does AC DC stand for

1. The sewing machine

The brothers Malcom and Angus Young came up with the idea for the band name after seeing the initials "AC / DC" on a sewing machine by their older sister Margaret. It is an abbreviation for alternating current or direct current (alternating current / direct current). The brothers thought that this name appropriately symbolized the raw energy, powerful performances of the band and love for their music.

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2. AC / DC and the devil

There were a few more fan theories behind the AC / DC name. With song titles like "Highway to Hell" or "Hells Bells" as well as the view of conservative representatives of society that rock ’n‘ roll is the music of the devil, AC / DC should stand for “Anti-Christ / Devil’s Children”.

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Another, more interesting, story regards the sewing machine as just the surface of the real truth. The device was open to two different types of power reception. “AC / DC” was therefore used as a slang term for bi-sexuality in the LGBTQ community. It remains controversial whether the slang or the band name existed first.

3. For a good cause

Researchers at the University of South Australia have found that playing “Thunderstruck” during chemotherapy for cancer patients is effective in making the drug more effective. They chose this AC / DC song because it hits all the right notes. Vibrations from the singing bounce silicon microparticles that carry the chemicals in a vacuum. This results in a polymer coating that prevents the drug from escaping during administration. The delivery to cancer cells is ultimately improved.

4. For a bad cause

In 1989, when Panama's General Manual Noriega found refuge in the Vatican embassy, ​​the US military exposed their opponent to the music of AC / DC for two days. Despite a UN ban on the use of loud music for military purposes, they continued to use Hell’s Bells as their weapon of choice. The dictator surrendered.

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5. Speechless

Although Brian Johnson contributed lyrics for Back in Black, he stopped writing the lyrics for AC / DC songs after "Blow Up Your Video" in 1988. Malcolm and Angus Young shared the songwriting credits from then on. Once when asked why he was quitting songwriting, Johnson joked that him "The words have run out".

6. The cramp

Ballbreaker became a real challenge in AC / DC's career. For one thing, the recordings of the album took five months (High Voltage “was already in the box after ten days). The band also had problems with their drumming situation. Chris Slade and Phil Rudd each replaced each other twice due to Rudd's legal problems.

On the other hand, the production in New York turned out to be so unsatisfactory that the band pulled the rip cord and moved production to Los Angeles. In the meantime, the band ran into frequent clashes with the album's producer, Rick Rubin. Rubin and Malcolm Young in particular collided, with Young later describing the decision to work with Rubin as a mistake. Despite the difficulties behind the scenes it wasBallbreaker “another commercial success for AC / DC.

7. Telephone Terror

One of AC / DC's early hits wasDirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap ”, in whose texts, among other things, the female measurements 36-24-36 were given. The numbers were followed by onehey! ". One couple claimed that these digits were combined with thehey! ”, which sounds like an 8 in English, turned into your phone number. As a result, they were constantly harassed by AC / DC fans who called them. Ultimately, they sued the band and were awarded $ 250,000 in damages. Not bad for taking a few calls.

8. Bad blood

In 1975 AC / DC were scheduled to perform at the Sunbury Rock Festival, but they left the site without ever having set foot on stage. The band got into a heated argument with the Deep Purple crew, who headlined the festival that year. It was by no means the last encounter with another band.

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9. Bad Blood - Part 2

In 1977 AC / DC teamed up with Black Sabbath to tour Europe. The two frontmen of these bands, Bon Scott and Ozzy Osbourne, became great friends during the tour, but they were the exception, not the rule. The rest of the two bands didn't get along. The dispute heated up to the point that Black Sabbath member Geezer Butler drew a knife and threatened Malcolm Young with it.

10. On best recommendation

After the death of Bon Scott a new singer was needed. The choice fell on the former Geordie singer Brian Johnson. Angus Young later reported:I remember Bon playing me Little Richard and then telling me the story when he saw Brian sing.“

According to Young's testimony, Scott said:“There's this guy up there screaming with all his heart, and next he lies down on the stage. He lies on the floor, turns and screams. I loved it. To top it all off - you couldn't get a better encore - the guy with the wheelchair was taken off the stage. " Later that night Johnson was diagnosed with appendicitis, which was the cause of his "show performances".

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