How can I renew my passion

Spice up your love life: this is how you put an end to the sex lull!

Passionate kisses on the doorstep, furtive fiddling under the table and whole days in bed: at the beginning of a relationship, everything revolves around sex. Those who are in love cannot keep their hands off each other.

But stress and everyday life often turn a fulfilled love life into a must after a while. Not good! Therefore: don't hesitate, change something! Even with little tricks you can spice up your love life and get the tingling back from the beginning of the relationship.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 1 - Feel Beautiful!

Remember: You are always as seductive as you feel. Therefore, first of all take care of your well-being. If you feel like a sticky toast, you will hardly be able to flip the switch during sex. That's why pimp your self-confidence.

Bribery is all right: how about new lingerie? Treat yourself to it! Or maybe the new bedside lamp that makes you look so perfect in the light? No matter what you are in the mood for: you will feel much more sensual in a moment. Not to mention the enthusiastic looks of your partner when he notices how comfortable you feel! Because that is exactly what is more important than you think.

Tip: Sometimes less is more. That means: There are many beautiful lingerie that elegantly put the body in the right light without showing (too) much. Direct his eyes where you want them to be. And distract where it seems important to you.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 2 - Love Toys

Shawls, feathers, or maybe handcuffs? Build new elements into your love game. For example, let your sweetheart blindfold you. Because you don't see anything, you will feel everything all the more intensely.

You can also get your love life going with a few sextoys. Just go shopping for a couple of new love toys for two, buy vibrating pleasure toys, for example, or whatever else you fancy.

Which toy suits you? Maybe the classic of the couple toys: the We-Vibe. Buy now here on Amazon.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 3 - Hot Dates

The main problem in long-term relationships: at some point everyday life creeps in and everything that was exciting before suddenly becomes routine. Add a little stress and long to-do lists and you think: "Oh no, today I just don't have a head for sex." Stupid mistake. Because this is how the reluctance slowly creeps into the relationship.

It's no secret when they say that little sex leads to less sex. Simply because the appetite comes with eating and you have to keep lust and passion alive.

Once a sex life has fallen asleep, it is difficult to revive it. Therefore: don't let it get that far. And if he's at work and under stress, you don't know where your head is either, then outsmart both of you: meet your partner on a hot date again and with clear intent.

Tip: Sometimes it can also be a hot little quickie.

Spice up your love life: Lesson 4 - Off to the hotel

Nothing enlivens the love life more than a change of location! Surprise your sweetheart with a short trip or book a room in a hotel in your city for one night. You will see: the strange bed arouses new desires and you will spend an unforgettable night together.

Tip: It's best to go for a room with a large bathtub or even a jacuzzi. That opens up completely new possibilities ...

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 5 - Forget the Bed

It doesn't always have to be the bed! Get your love life going and change the scene more often. Sofa, carpet, desk or shower definitely have their advantages when it comes to hot moments for two.

Tip: The back seat of the car or a secluded spot in the open air are also suitable for a couple of hours. You don't always have to go to extremes. But hot kisses in the elevator or promising touches in the cinema ensure sufficient desire that you can give in later.

Spice up your love life: Lesson 6 - Food for all the senses

For many, eating is an extremely sensual experience. Why don't you just include it in your lovemaking? Start with a romantic candlelight dinner, where you can get your loved ones in the right mood with aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, chilli or asparagus.

Enjoy with all your senses, eat with your fingers, feed each other. Today you can play with the food. Put strawberries in your mouth and then calmly let them wander into his while kissing. The same goes perfectly with sparkling wine.

Tip: If you don't find a little mess in bed bothersome, take some ice cream, chocolate sauce and cream with you to bed. Because from his belly button (and various other parts of the body) it tastes twice as good ...

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 7 - Experiments

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You both know exactly what the other likes in bed. Do you know all the buttons that you have to press on the other? Well, even if you are on the whole satisfied with this knowledge, a little more pep still cannot damage your love life! Don't just rest on your knowledge.

Because then at some point sex means that everyone presses a button or two on the other and the orgasm is there - as ordered. But there is much more possible. And that shouldn't be ignored. What about surprises, experiments, new discoveries? You shouldn't miss all of this. Routine in sex is the end. There's nothing to add here.

Tip:Why don't you try a new position every time? You don't have to be a high-performance gymnast to do this and twist yourself into every imaginable position. But there are many beautiful positions that you can discover together.

Looking for inspiration? Here you can find our book "The 100 best positions from the Kama Sutra", which you can buy here directly on Amazon.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 8 - Sex Talk

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Talking is gold! Trust yourself and tell your partner what you have always wanted from him. And we're not talking about Christmas presents, we're talking about sexual fantasies. He will surely be happy to fulfill your wish. Especially if you let one of his fantasies come true in return.

Speaking of talking: Of course, sex talk also means dirty talk somehow. You can also read what you need to know about dirty bed whispering in the dirty talk guide by bestselling author and "Sex Pope" Anne West with the wonderful title: 'Tell me bitch: Dirty Talk for Beginners'. Order now here directly on Amazon.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 9 - Dirty News

Little pieces of paper that were slipped to the swarm in the school yard with sweet 13 with reddened cheeks ... What used to be exciting and made the heart beat faster can not be bad today! Write your loved one small, clearly ambiguous messages that you secretly put in their briefcase or jacket, where they will find them and inevitably think of you.

Spice Up Your Love Life: Lesson 10 - Sexy Alarm Clocks

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A day can't really start better than with a round of sex! Most men love morning sex, even if it means less sleep. Set your alarm clock a little earlier and wake up your loved one with your kisses. He will quickly forget the tiredness!

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