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RÖHREN - Oldschool-Metal-Rock-Punk from Amstetten - recommendation of the editors

Band name: RÖHREN
Old school metal rock punk
For fans of:
Turbo beer, Drahdiwaberl, Alkbottle, EAV
Side fact:
Drummer Humpy was chosen by his colleagues from Stormbringer for the Metal Model 2020 and can therefore officially be described as handsome.

The TUBES from Amstetten have been active since 1986 and call themselves old school metal rock punk. In this already very long career, the men have already produced three studio albums on their own.

The current silver disc dates from 2019 and bears the meaningful title I love rock'n'roll. The band then deals with the vital topics of rock music, drugs, alcohol and genitals, among other things.

It is probably not to be measured to say that the TUBES do not necessarily live from their musical finesse, but from their live performances, which we will hopefully be able to enjoy again soon, their beer tent hymns that you can still, or even then, scream along after 1.5 per mille and from the relatively simple song structures that accompany the stay in the ear for the first time.

Fan service is also very important to the band. So became the title Unfamiliar citydedicated to a fan who was simply forgotten there after a concert in Vienna.

I love rock'n'roll

The opener and title track of the current album is essentially a series of well-known Metal songs - we had it before, for example Sabaton's Metal Machine, but much less funny and suitable for the loudest. Those looking for a bit of seriousness in titles like gambling addiction may also be disappointed. The question of whether this is a cleverly concealed social criticism, as you would otherwise only find it in the EAV knows or just deals with really serious issues through the cocoa, remains an unsolved secret of the band at this point.

Ready for the next party

I love rock'n'roll and the TUBES in general are probably not something you indulge in relaxation in the evening. However, there is hardly a better soundtrack for a cozy get-together with friends. To describe the album in one sentence: It is predestined to promote a good mood and thirst.

Line up
The Ax - lead vocals, guitar
Keuly - lead guitar, vocals
Stampfy - bass, vocals
Humpy - drums

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