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Scrumptious!This butt workout can help your bum crack nuts

Like a good one Butt workout looks like? Above all, not one-sided. Because a firm bottom is formed from the interplay of various muscles. So it is not only the large gluteal muscles that want to be addressed during butt exercises in order to make our butts nice, round and firm. Above all, it is the lateral buttock muscles that give the most valuable thing its individual and contoured shape and therefore an effective one Butt workout may not be missing.

So that the overall look is right, the training of the thighs, stomach and back should not be neglected: these body regions give the perfect bottom its appropriate framework. Let's work it out!

Butt exercise 1: the side tip

What's the point? In addition to the lateral gluteal muscles, this buttock training also strengthens the thigh muscles.

How does it work? Stand up straight. The legs are about shoulder width apart, the feet point forward. Bend slightly on your knees and tense your buttocks and pelvic floor firmly. Now one leg is stretched straight to the side, the other leg maintains weight and balance. The outstretched leg is now raised slightly and lowered again until it almost reaches the floor.

What do you have to pay attention to? With this buttocks exercise, the strength should not be drawn from momentum or speed, but from the muscles.

How often and how long? The raising and lowering of the leg should be repeated for at least 30 seconds. Then switch legs. Three passes per page are the minimum.

Butt exercise 2: high knees

What's the point? This buttock exercise is an all-round talent. It combines endurance training with an effective tightening of the large gluteal muscles, stomach and legs.

How does it work? It's actually very simple: You just do a continuous run on the spot, in which the knees are pulled particularly high. Caution: work with the strength of your buttocks, not with momentum.

How long and how often? This buttock training can be integrated into the overall workout as a cardio element from time to time. Ideally, you should do three to five repetitions of 60 seconds each.

What do you have to pay attention to? The exercise becomes more effective and back-friendly if you tightly tense the abdominal muscles.

Butt exercise 3: calf lift

What's the point? This exercise makes flat buttocks more crisp, as it tenses the large gluteal muscle to the maximum.

How does it work? Get into the quadruped position. Knees and hands are on the floor. Now take one leg up at an angle so that the foot is pointing straight up, and then pull it towards the ceiling.

What do you have to pay attention to? During this buttock training, you tend to fall into a hollow back and thus do the exercise in a less back-friendly manner. This bad posture can be prevented by tightly tensing the abdominal muscles.

How often and how long? Repeat the calf lift for about a minute on each side. You should do three to five sets per leg.

Butt exercise 4: squat

What's the point? This classic exercise is a real strength guarantee for a bikini-friendly bottom. But the thighs and even the back are also strengthened.

How does it work? The legs are shoulder-width apart (not wider!). The tips of the feet point forward. Now you slowly lower your bottom as far as you can towards the floor, hold it at the lowest point for a moment and then come back up to the starting position.

What to look out for It is important that you work with strength and not with momentum when doing this buttock exercise. Only go down as far as you can still keep the position muscularly controlled. For the health of your knees, make sure that the knees never point over the tips of your feet.

How often and how long? Do ten to fifteen repetitions in three sets.

Butt exercise 5: cycling in the air

What's the point? This exercise strengthens the buttocks, stomach and back in the same way.

How does it work? Sit on the floor and support your hands behind your upper body. Now you bring the torso - abdominal, buttocks and back muscles - to tension, lift your feet off the ground, pull your legs a little and imitate a cycling movement in the air.

What do you have to pay attention to? Under no circumstances should you do this Butt workout fall into a hollow back. The closer you pull your knees towards your upper body, the easier the exercise will be. But always only stretch your legs so far that you can hold your strength and do not make a hollow back.

How often and for how long? Ideally, this exercise is done in three to five sets of one minute each.

Butt exercise 6: butt lift

What's the point? This exercise strengthens the large buttocks muscles and the lower back muscles.

How does it work? Lie flat on your stomach on the floor. The hands can be placed under the forehead. But you can also put your forearms on the sides of your body and lift your head slightly. Now the entire core muscles are tightly tensed and the stretched legs are lifted up into the air as far as possible and then lowered again until they almost touch the ground.

What to watch out for? During this exercise, it is essential to ensure that it is performed in a muscular control. So don't work with momentum; that could hurt your back.

How often and for how long? In three sets, the legs should be raised and lowered again about 15 to 20 times.

Butt exercise 7: Side Up

What's the point? This exercise engages and strengthens the lateral muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

How does it work? You lie down on your side on the floor. The lower elbow can be set up and support the upper body. The lower leg is bent and the upper leg is stretched out over it. Now you tense the entire core muscles and lift the leg on top straight and stretched upwards. Slowly lower the leg back down until it almost rests on the other leg and repeat this process.

What do you have to pay attention to? Do not work with momentum, but with force to do the exercise effectively. Tighten the tip of your foot to intensify the effect.

How often and how long? Do 15 to 20 reps per leg in three sets.

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