How do I show pictures like Instagram

Image gallery on Instagram: Multiple images and videos in just one post

Instagram tried out the photo album feature with a small test group at the beginning of February and is rolling it out completely from today. The images then appear in the news feed in a kind of carousel post and could be a game changer in terms of user experience.

Album in the form of a carousel ad on the timeline

A year ago, Instagram introduced carousel ads, in which advertisers could insert between three and five images. The worldwide rollout of the photo gallery begins today, with which users can currently upload up to 10 images to an album at the same time. The photos and videos can then be found bundled as one post in the news feed. By swiping to the left or right, the individual images can be viewed and individually liked.

The creator can still edit the photos individually. However, the images all have a common caption and are currently only available in square form. In contrast to the stories, the contributions are retained and do not disappear after 24 hours.

Users can use the photo album creatively and share, for example, step-by-step instructions, different parts of an outfit or the best vacation photos.

To load photos and videos into a single gallery, do the following:

  • Go to the upload area and select the new icon that will allow you to upload multiple pieces of content.
  • You can edit each selected image individually and also use filters.
  • To change the order, tap and hold an image. This is also how you remove content.
  • Although you can only choose a caption and the location tag for the entire gallery, it is possible to tag other friends on each image or video.
  • The galleries can be identified in the news feed by a blue point under the post. You can now swipe back and forth here.

A changed user experience

If the function is completely rolled out in a few weeks, this could change the user experience. Posting multiple photos one after the other is not very popular on Instagram. Users quickly find this approach spammy and easily unfollow such accounts. However, all too often it is difficult to select a single image, so that one can quickly be tempted to post several photos. Being able to post these within an album not only prevents users from scrolling, but also promotes proactive viewing.

Incidentally, the album function comes unexpectedly: content can still not be "regretted", i.e. shared, and posts can still not be scheduled. While the community will have to use workarounds for these useful features in the future, they will soon be able to create albums.

As mentioned, the rollout begins today on iOS and Android and will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.

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