Who breaks patent laws the most?

No patent claims against US companies in the future?

The proposal for a new patent law in the USA is angry at Huawei
picture alliance / Andy Wong / AP / dpa "If such a legislative proposal were passed, it would be a disaster for global innovation. It would have terrible consequences," said Huawei's chief legal counsel Song Liuping today to journalists at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, southern China.

The bill filed earlier this month by U.S. Senator Marco Rubio would prevent Huawei from seeking damages from U.S. patent courts.

Patents shouldn't be politicized

The proposal for a new patent law in the USA is angry at Huawei
picture alliance / Andy Wong / AP / dpa According to Song Liuping, Huawei does not intend to turn intellectual property rights into a weapon. Patents shouldn't be politicized, but in particular there shouldn't be any law targeting certain companies, the Huawei manager added. He added that Huawei would challenge Rubio's proposal in court.

According to US media reports, Huawei had previously asked the US telecommunications operator Verizon to pay a billion dollars for the licensing of patented Huawei technology.

In May, the US put Huawei on a blacklist of companies whose business relationships with US partners are subject to strict controls. Trump justified his steps with security concerns about technology from China. Since the allegations have not yet been specifically substantiated, many experts see the sanctions in the context of the trade conflict between the USA and China.

"Provisional truce"

According to a press report, the USA and China have agreed on a "provisional truce" in their trade war and a resumption of negotiations. Citing unnamed sources, the Hong Kong newspaper "South China Morning Post" reported today, together with the US publication "Politico", that US President Donald Trump has promised to postpone the threatened expansion of the punitive tariffs on all imports from China for the first time. That was a condition of China's head of state and party leader Xi Jinping for the meeting on Saturday in Osaka, Japan.

Both sides are already preparing press releases on the meeting between Xi Jinping and Trump on the sidelines of the summit of the major economic powers (G20) in Osaka, but there will be no joint statement.

Due to the US sanctions, Huawei expects a sharp drop in sales. You can read more about this in another message.