How can I get my call log

iPhone: View call log, restore and make it longer - this is how it works

All incoming, missed and made calls are saved in the iPhone's call history. We explain where you can find the list of all calls, how to manage it and what to do if you have accidentally deleted entries from the list.

In addition to the contact name, the call list contains the type and time of the call. In addition to normal phone calls, you can also find FaceTime calls here.

iPhone: This is how you can also find older calls in the call list

This is how you can display all previous calls on the iPhone:

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Tap the option at the bottom call log.
  3. You can now see all the last phone calls.

A maximum of 100 calls are displayed. However, older entries are not deleted, they are simply hidden. So if you want to see phone calls from earlier times, simply delete visible entries from the list. To do this, tap To edit and press the red delete button. Note, however, that you only delete individual calls. over Clear all you empty the entire list and thus also remove the old entry you are looking for.

iPhone: restore call history - how it works

If you have accidentally completely deleted the list, the call list can be restored. For this, however, your data must be saved in the iCloud. Elsewhere, we'll show you how to restore data from an iPhone backup to iCloud. Note that the currently available data on your iPhone will be overwritten when the backup is loaded. Alternatively, you can use a tool like PhoneRescue,Dr. Fone or iMobie. As a rule, the paid programs can be tested free of charge in the initial phase so that you can find out whether the use is worthwhile.

We'll also show you what's behind the announce call option on the iPhone.