Who is the most beautiful Chinese

Where is the most beautiful place in China?

"Where is the most beautiful place in China?" I am often asked. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I would like to answer with Thucydides, who is said to have said this around 2,400 years ago. Here is my selection and recommendations for the most beautiful places in China,

This photo seems to me to reflect “beautiful” China exactly: terraced mountains, light haze, a pavilion.

The most beautiful places in China

What you should have seen

What you usually have to see or want to see when you travel to China for the first time is obvious:

Beijing: When visiting China, Beijing should not be missing because of its historical significance! The magnificent Imperial Palace, which was once the power center of huge China, is impressive for its sheer size alone. The Great Wall, a huge structure, the size of which can only really assess who has walked a piece of it.

Xi’an: Xi’an is also a city of superlatives: The wide ancient city wall, an impressive building! The highlight and absolute must-see is the terracotta army: 8,000 life-size clay figures, carriages and horses - simply overwhelming!

City wall at the south gate

Guilin: For many, the pointed karst cone mountains near Guilin and Yangshuo are the Chinese landscape par excellence! Bamboo, rice fields, small villages and then these mountains! You just have to see it!

Shanghai: The overwhelming skyline with skyscrapers growing higher and higher shows modern China. Streets full of young people, trendy cafes, great museums! Only a visit to Shanghai rounds off a trip to China.

When visiting these cities, the look at the grace of the old and the boldness of the modern is never neglected. But

What is a beautiful place in China?

So what is a beautiful, attractive place in China? Some people would like to be called a small village, a lonely mountain peak, an idyllic lake, a forest path under tropical trees. Or a temple with golden statues. Or, or ... Sure!

Then there is the question of what I personally find particularly beautiful. So here is my list of the ultimate beautiful places in China. Mind you: my list. It doesn't have to be yours.

And me? What is beauty to me

In the following I present places in China that I personally find particularly beautiful.

Beijing: The Light Architecture of the Forbidden City

How many times have I been to the Forbidden City? I didn't count it. When I lived in Beijing, the old Imperial Palace was my place of power. Whenever I was depressed, when I was tired from studying or traveling, I went to the Forbidden City.

The beauty of the buildings, the elegance of the roofs, the filigree drawings, the hidden gardens: I could only take a deep breath and my eyes found peace on the vermilion walls. In addition, the noise of the big city lingers behind the walls of the palace.

Beautiful: This old watchtower on the wall of the Forbidden City

With a few steps I moved away from the tourist masses, who mostly move along a south-north axis through the wide area. Yes, I can tell I'm going into raptures once again. If only I could beam myself there now! Forbidden City. Even in this famous sight I find places, palaces that very few people know: The Palace of All-encompassing Happiness

By the way: I also like modern architecture. Beijing has a lot to offer of that!

Beijing Museum of Women and Children

Pingyao: Where you can feel the ancient China

Pingyao is a real tourist place. I know I am repeating myself. And yet! I really like pingyao. I've been there three times. I love the opportunity to spend the night in an old inn, the variety of restaurants where I don't have to deal with Chinese menus. Then the many possibilities for excursions! Old palaces, small villages, great temples!

When the hustle and bustle gets too much for me, I just turn into one of the alleys away from the tourist streets. There are wonderful old houses with carved beams, small temples, original markets. Most visitors only stay two days. I could spend two weeks there and discover something new every day! Pingyao, a fairy tale place

If you come to Pingyao outside the tourist season, i.e. in November, December or March, you will feel the magic of this beautiful old town!


Chengdu: city of teahouses and pandas

No, Chengdu is not a really nice city! Skyscrapers everywhere you look! But Chengdu has a lot to offer! A wonderful walk through the bamboo forests of the panda breeding station! The bears themselves are lovable. You just have to love them! Incidentally, the green of the bamboo is particularly pleasant on the eyes. Here the noise of the nearby big city seems to be far away.

Chengdu itself has some lesser-known temples, which I highly recommend for a trip off the beaten track. For example the Aidao nunnery not far from the Wenshu Temple.

The highlight of a visit to Chengdu are the numerous teahouses in the many parks: There I can hang out for hours, drink tea, have a bite to eat and watch the locals play cards. An old tradition can also be found in Chengdu's tea houses: the ear cleaners. I've never tried this before, but it's supposed to be great! Cheng you

A park in Chengdu

Wuzhen: An old water town

Lovingly restored, with lots of old buildings and car-free streets paved with cobblestones, Wuzhen is not far from Shanghai. In many of the houses you can stay overnight in a very original way. Small, highly interesting museums, e.g. the wedding museum, invite you to be amazed. For the evening I recommend a cold beer on one of the canals with a view of the illuminated old town.

There is so much to discover that I would really have liked to have stayed longer than two days. The proximity to megacities like Shanghai and Hangzhou makes Wuzhen, like so many water villages in the Yangtze Delta, attractive to tourists. You are not alone, and certainly not off the beaten track. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend the visit to everyone. Wuzhen is definitely more beautiful than the huge city of Suzhou! Wuzhen


Nature and national parks

Many have heard of Zhangjiajie, the national park with the spectacular rock pinnacles. I haven't been there yet. I am a city person through and through. But of course I've already seen a lot of nature in China.

I like to think about my trip in 1987 Jiuzhaigou back in Sichuan. Jiuzhaigou is a fantastic high mountain world with coniferous forests, idyllic lakes and snow-capped mountains in western Sichuan. The national park has now become famous and is visited by millions of people every year.

The bamboo forests of Sichuan

But I also find quiet paths, great forests, idyllic lakes elsewhere. I have experienced many a bamboo forest in a special and typical way. Bamboo is a grass that grows very quickly. The light bamboo exudes a feeling of lightness and elegance.At Yibin in Sichuan there is the most extensive bamboo forest, the Shunan bamboo forest. If you don't want to make the detour there, you will find some beautiful bamboo forests right in Chengdu. Even the panda rearing station offers a lot of nature and bamboo very close to the lively city life.

Breathtaking moments full of beauty

Then there are the moments that take my breath away and make a place so special and beautiful for me:

The nun at the Emeishan: A Buddhist temple, many believers, candles flicker, incense sticks spread their scent. I turn a corner and see her: a nun solemnly walking around an old pagoda. Immersed in her meditation. A face so fine, so delicate and yet with clear lines. A sight of perfect beauty! I stand and look.

I cry, overwhelmed by so much beauty. I don't take photos (of course). And yet I will never forget this moment, this moment. This small courtyard in the temple still seems to me to be one of the most beautiful places in China. Fuhu temple

The Fuhu Temple at Emeishan

Butterflies: Butterflies can cast a spell over me over and over again. I stop at the sight of her ecstatic, quickly losing touch with my companions. Because of the butterflies, I still remember the stone forest near Kunming, which is much visited by tourists, as one of the most beautiful places I have seen in China. Butterflies

Butterfly in the stone forest near Kunming

Karakoram Highway A unique moment, I thought, when I drove from Pakistan through the red gorge into the plain of the Taklamakan desert in 1992. I still remember very well how I implored myself: “You will not experience that again in your life! Look closely! You are not dreaming! This is reality and beautiful and you will never come back here! " I thought! But then a few years later I drove again through this breathtaking gorge into the snow-capped mountains of the Karakoram. Karakoram

Karakoram Highway 2007

Even more beautiful places in China


I have now selected some examples from the last 15 years of traveling to China. They have become very different, most beautiful places. Most of the time, the feeling also depends on whether the weather is nice or whether you are in a good mood.

After a long night train journey, it will be difficult at first to find the beautiful place where you have just arrived. When it has rained all day and the longed-for temple has closed, one is quickly disgruntled and disappointed. Then you should give the place another chance, take a look around the corner or just relax.

I wish you that every place in the world becomes the most beautiful place for you!

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Beauty can be found everywhere in China: Zhenru Temple in Shanghai

Sunset at Wang Jia Courtyard near Pingyao

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