What is a one-way street

One way street - right of way, signs & fines

What are the traffic rules in a one-way street?

Since you are only allowed to drive in one direction on a one-way street, you have to adhere to certain rules here. Because abrupt changes of direction are not possible here, for example.


It may only in the direction of travelbe parked. You have the option of getting hold of a parking space on the left and right side of the lane.


On a regular road, you are only allowed to stop on the right side of the road, as you would be standing in your left lane in the middle of oncoming traffic. However, since there is no traffic coming towards you in a one-way street, both right as well as left being held.

Overtaking maneuvers

On a road that is traveled in parallel in two directions, overtaking maneuvers must always take place on the left. This is also regulated differently in a one-way street. Vehicles are allowed here be overtaken on the left and rightwithout fear of punishment.

Leaving a one-way street

If you want to leave a one-way street, there are no general special rules. Since one-way streets are usually small side streets, there is often a "give way" sign at the end of the street. In this case, road users have right of way on the crossing road. If there is no such sign, the right-before-left rule usually applies.

What fines do I face in a one-way street?

A one-way street is based on trust because you trust that no other vehicle will come towards you on a one-way street. Nonetheless, violations - intentional and unintentional - are punished with a fine. You are only faced with a relatively small fine, even if there is a risk to another road user or property damage. Careless drivers do not have to fear points in Flensburg or a driving ban in a one-way street.

Driving on one-way street in the wrong direction25 euros
Parked in a one-way street opposite to the direction of travel15 euro
Cycling on one-way street in the wrong direction20 Euros
... with disabilities25 euros
... with danger30 euro
... with property damage35 euros

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What happens if I ride my bike upside down into a one-way street?

Cyclists also have to stick to the given direction of travel. However, there are exceptions in which one-way streets can be used by cyclists in both directions. If this is not the case, however, a wrong-way driver on the bike faces a fine of at least 20 euros. If another road user was hindered, this rises to 25 euros - if there is a hazard, 30 euros and an accident incurred will result in a fine of 35 euros.

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