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Binance weekly report: pay with Binance

Crypto Market Overview: Climbing Back

This week, Bitcoin broke off a bearish week and fell back over $ 50,000. BTC rose steadily from $ 47,867.45 to $ 58,150 on Thursday before leveling off at $ 56,956.95 over the weekend.

Ethereum surged above $ 1,500 earlier in the week and hit as high as $ 1,785.48 on Wednesday before correcting to $ 1,775.47 later in the week. Starting at USD 224, the BNB briefly exceeded USD 300 and even rose to USD 318 on Thursday before slipping to USD 272 at the end of the week.

The entire cryptocurrency market went hand in hand with Bitcoin's bull run, rising from $ 1.478 trillion to $ 1.758 trillion on Friday.

For more crypto-related news and updates, please contact the Binance News Service. We're now moving on to updates from the Binance ecosystem and beyond.

1. Binance Pay: Limitless Crypto Payments. Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless and secure cryptocurrency payment function from user to user in the Binance app. After the soft launch of Binance Pay last month, the service now offers the Pay and Merchant features that allow users to pay, send and receive crypto payments worldwide with no fees.

2. Highlights from the latest CZ clubhouse AMAs. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, recently hosted AMA sessions at the clubhouse covering various topics related to Binance, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, regulations and more.

BSC updates (Binance Smart Chain)

3. DeFireX starts farming on Ethereum directly from BSC. The DeFireX project team used a bridge to develop and launch intelligent contracts that were implemented together with the xDAI project team.

4. BSC Validator Spotlight: Ankr and BscScan. What does it take to become a validator candidate? What was your motivation to become a validator? And what are your prognoses for the future of BSC? Read on for unique insights from Ankr and BscScan, our first two Validator Candidates surveyed.

5. Further updates from the BSC community. This week, BSC DeFis Total Value Locked (TVL) hit an all-time high of $ 13.8 billion. Among them, Pancakeswap ($ 4.26 billion) and Venus ($ 4.03 billion) ranked first and second. Alpaca Finance's $ 1.42 billion ranked third and Auto Farm's $ 1.45 billion ranked fourth on the list. Read more in the weekly report from @BscProjectOrg.

Binance Exchange updates

6. Binance Launchpool: Increase the number of owners of crypto projects. Launchpool launched 15 successful crypto projects, posted a total of $ 4.64 billion (TVL) and distributed tokens worth $ 529 million to 408,783 crypto holders who have since watched their holdings compare with the most recent Rise of the crypto market flourished.

7. Binance Staking starts BNB staking with up to 27.49% APY. We have successfully launched BNB staking with 3 different maturity periods - 30d, 60d and 90d. All three products sold out within minutes of being listed.

8. I introduce my neighbor Alice (ALICE) in Binance Launchpool. Farm ALICE, a blockchain social simulation game owned by players and Launchpools 18th project using BNB, BUSD and CHR tokens.



11. Binance P2P supports new payment methods for Arab countries. Binance P2P has now added CashU and MoneyGram to the list of available payment methods for buying and selling crypto.

12. Binance Pool is changing its Smart Pool Mining Layer URL.

13. Earn savings with Binance