Which shoes are suitable for an investment?

Goodyear welted is synonymous with welted men's shoes and stands for the very highest quality.

Charles Goodyear Junior, the son of the legendary hard rubber inventor, produced the welted design in England in 1872 with his special grooving machine patented by him. Here the upper is connected to the insole, that is the insole on which the foot stands, by an invisible plug-in seam, the so-called Goodyear seam. This is why the welted design is also called the Goodyear method.

This factory production enabled the production figures to rise significantly and the price of a pair of Goodyear welted shoes to fall. Goodyear welted shoes were made exclusively by hand until the second half of the 19th century, making them extremely expensive, and only very few people could afford this premium class of men's shoes.

Elegant men's shoes that men wear in the office or on special occasions are made in this way. Goodyear welted shoes seem very expensive at first, but the price is worth it, because these shoes have a long shelf life. They also prove to be very easy to repair and only the best materials are used. Goodyear welted shoes will never look worn because they have a high fit, so the shoe is stable and yet flexible. Since these shoes naturally last longer, the wearer can save himself the extra expense for a new pair. This makes the welted shoe a good investment in the long run.

My advice: Also pay attention to the offers of the large chain stores in the shoe trade.

From Oxford to Monkstrap

The classic half shoe models are classified according to the type of closure, namely the Lace-up shoes, the Slip-on shoes and the Buckle shoes.
There are also divisions within the lacing, namely the open and closed lacing. It is a popular misconception that the open and closed lacing refers to the lace guide.

Derby has a so-called open lacing. The side parts, that is, the areas in which the lacing is incorporated, are sewn onto the front sheet, so the shoe looks a bit sportier overall. The Derby is suitable for all those who do not necessarily have to wear the elegant Oxford for work. In brown it goes very well with corduroy trousers and jeans, in black it is a very good alternative to formal oxfords.

Derby with open lacing: The two side parts that are closed by the lacing are fixed on the front sheet.

Photo: © panthermedia.net / Fesenko

The Oxford has a so-called closed lacing. The side parts are sewn under the front sheet, which makes the shoe look like it is made of one piece and therefore also more elegant. It can best be worn with a pinstripe suit, but also goes well with the cut at weddings and state receptions. Anyone who combines the anthracite-colored suit with oxfords in smooth brown leather is the absolute style expert. The black oxford is the most formal of all men's shoes.

Oxford: The two side parts of the lacing are sewn under the front sheet. This is called closed lacing.

Photo: © panthermedia.net / dimamorgan12

With loafers or slip-on shoes A locking technology is completely dispensed with, which enables easy entry. These include, for example, the moccasin and the welted loafer. Compared to the lace-up shoe, the loafer is more of an informal shoe, but nowadays it has long been accepted as a classic.
An elegant welted loafer is the perfect partner for the fine thread. In light brown or suede, the Loeafer can also be worn with jeans after the job and in summer even without socks. For formal occasions, however, the gentleman should rather choose a lace-up shoe.

Slip-on shoe

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The shoe with the buckle is the monk strap. It is so called because the buckle closure is reminiscent of the monks' sandals. Either you like the shoe or you don't like it, like many things in life, it's a matter of taste. Some find it affected by the buckle, others appreciate it for its extravagance and the ease of use of the buckles. Unfortunately, the buckle can also affect the fit of the trouser hem. These buckle kicks can also be worn with an office suit instead of lace-ups or loafers.

Photo: © panthermedia.net / Mivr

But what are good shoes and how do you recognize them? Quite simply: Shoes are always good when they are made from the best leather and a large proportion of them are handcrafted. As already mentioned, the investment is worthwhile, because a good made-to-measure suit only comes into its own with good shoes.

In many countriesAs in England, Italy or France, Belgium and Spain, for example, men attach great importance to good shoes. In Germany you might think, if you look at the footwear of many men, that good shoes are more of a superfluous investment. A lot of money is spent on cars here.

Conclusion: Shoes are the most important item of clothing, not just for men, because bad shoes can totally destroy an otherwise perfect appearance. In addition, it is worth taking a look at the quality of the shoes, if only for the health of the feet.

Have fun choosing your shoes,

Your Maike Lassen

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