Who is the critical thinker

DISC profile: the objective thinker

In order to be able to better interpret, communicate and understand the DISC personality model, experts in this field - through statistical analysis of the graph combinations - defined fifteen DISC “patterns” or “classifications”.

The objective thinker is one of the fifteen profiles of the DISC personality test. On this page you will find a description of the personality traits of the objective thinker.

The objective thinker


Objective thinkers tend to want peace and harmony.


Objective thinkers are comfortable working alone.


Objective thinkers get restless and bored when engaged in routine work and repetitive activities.


Objective thinkers tend not to be aggressive.

Objective thinkers have a strong inner need to think critically - to define and analyze.

Here are some of the most common keywords used to describe an objective thinker:

Calm; reliable; modest; conservative; realistic; controlled; logical; factual; attentive; critical; stable; perfectionist; systematic; careful; analytically; conventional.

Other DISG profiles

In addition to the objective thinker, there are fourteen other profiles within the DISC typology. These are:

The high performance person, the coach, the advisor, the inventor, the enthusiast, the calculator, the individualist, the idea generator, the researcher, the perfectionist, the persuader, the practitioner, the result-oriented and the specialist

With the DISC personality test you can find out what your personal DISC profile is.