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VR games, VR films & apps: an overview of all releases

Our release list for all announced VR games, VR films & apps in 2021 and 2022 tells you which food comes for which VR glasses.

So that you don't lose track of all the upcoming releases of VR games, VR films & apps, we show you the timetable for the coming months in an intuitive tool. You can filter to your heart's content, for example by genre or your preferred VR platform. You can find a comparison of VR glasses here.

It will only final release dates for the respective platform. This means that some of the games may already be available on other platforms or in Early Access.

Note: Most of the titles that appear for “Oculus Rift (S)” can usually be used with Oculus Quest + Link. You can find all information about this in our Oculus Link Info Guide.

Order Oculus Quest 2 from Germany

Oculus Quest 2 will not be sold in Germany for the time being. It is not known how long this sales ban will last.

At Amazon France you can buy the Oculus Quest 2 normally. tip: Right click on the website and select “Translate”.

Oculus Quest - 64 GB | Oculus Quest - 256 GB

Note: You can order from Amazon France using your German account. The VR glasses support German language in the menus. A regional block on Facebook is currently not active - Quest 2 is functioning normally. Amazon France delivers within a few days, and some of the devices are even shipped from warehouses in Germany.

VR Games, VR Movies & Apps: Releases 2021 & 2022

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Which VR games should you make a special note of in 2021 - or have you already missed?

In the meantime, some very good VR games have already appeared and there are still various insider tips. Demeo (Test) is an extraordinary table-top game in which you maneuver one or more heroes alone or with friends through a dungeon full of enemies and treasures.

If you are looking for a great puzzle adventure, you should definitely take a look at Maskmaker (test). The masks we make in it give the wearer magical abilities and let him switch between different characters to solve tricky puzzles. We solve the story of the uncanny ruler Prospero.

Hitman 3 VR (test) was already available on the aging PSVR. We can play all killer scenarios completely in VR - but we are bound to the DualShock controller. While the implementation of the levels is great and a real Hitman feeling arises, the aged VR technology is once again proving to be a horse's foot. But at least there is good news from Sony: There will be a PlayStation VR 2!

If you prefer to be scared, you can play the good old Resident Evil 4 in VR on Quest 2.

What is still to come in 2021 or has already been published? Read more about this in our article The best VR games 2021: We look forward to these games.

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