Is Ecuador a forgotten country


GIZ works on behalf of the German government in Ecuador. The focal points of the German-Ecuadorian cooperation are:

  • Protection of the environment and natural resources
  • State, democracy and participation

Together with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and with provincial and municipal administrations, GIZ promotes the sustainable use of the country's natural resources. The aim is to stabilize ecosystems and make people more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Another focus of the Ecuadorian-German cooperation is on sustainable urban development. To this end, GIZ is advising six cities (Cuenca, Portoviejo, Loja, Latacunga, Ambato and Lago Agrio) in a pilot project on topics such as urban mobility and sustainable energy, security, adaptation to climate change and the improvement of residential areas.

The GIZ Innovation Fund also finances projects on vocational training, employment and local economic development.

As part of the “Prevention of Violence against Women” program, GIZ Ecuador is working on preventing violence against women and concentrating on improving the actors' knowledge and skills with regard to successful approaches and cooperation with one another. In addition, it promotes cooperation with the private sector. The Ecuadorian component of the regional program “Support of the host communities for refugees in the border regions of Colombia and Ecuador” aims to achieve a sustainable strengthening of the host communities together with the partners through quantitative and qualitative improvements in the offers for the refugee population and their employment opportunities and to strengthen peaceful coexistence in the communities. It focuses on ensuring access to fundamental rights for refugees and migrants as well as for the population in the host communities.

GIZ also supports specialists who return to Ecuador from abroad in order to facilitate their return to working life in their home country.

The programs are mainly carried out for the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the European Union are other clients.