What are the benefits of orthodontics


In fact, we prefer to work with your children and in fact almost 40% of our daily visitors are under 19 years of age. Our principle of practice applies particularly to our little patients "Minimally invasive".

Of course, the main focus is also on orthodontic treatment, because the misaligned teeth are in many cases not only an aesthetic problem, but also represent a potential hazard.

Inhibition of the growth of the teeth, problems with the temporomandibular joint or the risk of injury to the lips are just a few examples. The therapy is usually carried out between the ages of 9 and 16 in order to make optimal use of the age-related adaptability in the jaw / tooth area. Whether removable or fixed appliances are used depends on the individual case.

Fixed braces essentially consist of so-called brackets, which are glued to the teeth, and an archwire that moves the teeth into the desired position with its elastic force. With normal standard brackets, the arch is attached with rubber rings or thin metal wires. This is not the case with the new, self-alloying brackets. The brackets have an integrated ceramic slide which holds the inserted arch wire in the bracket.


  • Fully aesthetic
  • Completely without metal
  • Less frequent check-ups
  • Shorter treatment appointments
  • Often shorter duration of treatment
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Reduced feeling of tension
  • Easier maintenance

Teeth corrections can also be carried out in adults. We mostly use a transparent aesthetic splint or fixed braces that are glued to the inside of the teeth and are therefore not visible from the outside.

In our “News” we will of course always keep you up to date with news in this area.

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